In this video, we meet and talk to some ski brands about their new products and a few of them got awards for sustainable designs. We talk about ski poles, ski goggles, jackets, mid layers, and a piece of new fabric.



Drillen Drillen says:

Du borde inte ge dom bara 30 sekunder att berätta

Andrew Lafferty says:

I feel like there worth it but probably have a big price tag to them

Daniel Deltaplan says:

Hi, probably would be better if you don't mention the annoying 30 seconds

Jackson White says:

So sick to see more sustainable products coming out!

David K. says:

I like the idea of this, however, I recently went shopping for jackets, and when I looked at the pricetag, the jackets were $500 USD. It's crazy and I think these companies are ripping people off.

Ben Dover says:

Can u leave links to products/brands websites

Daniel Rose says:

Can you make a video on how to do basic grabs and maybe one on simple air tricks (like the ones you did between hacks in your hack video)

Lukas Buttker says:

I love those videos with the 30 sec nice concept keep it coming and keep sending it 🤙🏼

S Curren says:

Huge if the material north face future light can be applied to tents. Everyone who has been camping knows the problem of condensation building up on the inside of the tent. Incredible if that moisture can escape and still be waterproof, rather than dripping back onto your face!

돈도리아 TV says:

First of all, Thank you for all your videos (especially how to series) I have watched yours like 100 times during this season, and finally got my first 540 on the ground last weekend.

Here in Korea, it seems the snow season almost ends but hopefully I can improve my 540 better during the last 1 or 2 weeks and try out flips next season!

I just want to show how I feel "Thank you"

Have a good day

Tom Briggs says:

Planks are partenered with reprieve which is a company that turns bottles into clothing

Gabriel Roniger says:

That's really great

Mahan Razavi says:

awesome, i really like this 30 seconds idea, plz do more

Harrison Kronzer says:

Hi I know this isn’t related to the video but recently I’ve been trying to get down a 360 and I watched your video on it but I’m still finding that what’s happening, is I’m getting around the first 180, I almost stop there, and then I cant seem to get the second one around and I’ll land on my side. I tried fixing it all week but I can’t find any solution other than practice. Do you have any tips for what’s happening?

Simple Skiing says:

4 out of the 5 products we can't buy in the states (TNF is here obviously). Too bad.

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