In this video, we are going to teach you 10 hacks to help you have a better time on your next ski trip. The ski hacks will help you stay warm save money and time.

Hacks in the tutorial:
00:12 Hack 1 When not to ski
00:54 Hack 2 Skipping the ticket office queue
01:26 Hack 3 The pole break
01:59 Hack 4 Smarter queueing
02:45 Hack 5 1€ Lunch
02:53 Hack 6 Walking stairs in ski boots
03:19 Hack 7 Always prepared for the cold
03:45 Hack 8 Snowy top sheet
04:16 Hack 9 Cold and windy
04:52 Hack 10. Everything is an opener



Beskyd says:

The last hack was the f*cking best one…

Nicholas Fromm says:

What kind of gloves do you use

Puch Maxi N says:

Yes I go with the class skiing in February. I am from swizerland

Jay Hanlon says:

About the pole break, I've done that before then accidentally run over a pole then bent it. But was going quite a bit faster.

Syver Strand says:

In my ski park we have a slide, so we dont need to walk down the staircase

Heythatsprettygood says:

It sounds dumb but the best way to walk down stairs quickly with the least stress on your shins is to walk backwards.

thomaschulze says:

Looks like Laax. 😀

Skate Board says:

I am scared that i cant land my jumps and flips so i have never jumped more than 20 centimeters

Rockero Pizzu says:

Hack 6 alternative: butslide

Kaya Russell says:

Nice Back Scratcher 👍🏼

H.Kemal ALTIN says:


Steve Fink says:

Find employment with boss that is also a skier. It makes much easier to call in sick on pow days, cause the boss probably isn't there either.
I tell my boss "I'm having a "skimergency" and he usually understands.

simunator says:

nah i just make sure to jerry snipe to discourage nonners

John Falcon says:

Thanks for the great videos!

San Lin Aung says:

Why is February in when not to ski list? Can someone explain me please? I thought February is the best month to ski

tyson hostyn says:

Lunch hack get pizza the day before find a sweet spot to sit where not alot of ppl go and boom u get the best pizza with the best view and the best day of skiing

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