In this video, we will teach you how to 360 on skis plus a few common mistakes and how to correct them. This video is adapted for youtube from our appreciated online course for freestyle skiers.

Steps in the tutorial:
00:34 Step 1: 360 in ski boots
02:27 Step 2: 360 on the trampoline
04:39 Step 3: 360 with skis on + 270 off side hits
06:25 Step 4: 360 off a small park jump
09:44 Common mistakes



The_Hagge says:

If i dont know how to 180, Should I try that first?

Hash says:

Learn butters first

rc9raptor says:

First time i try a 360 on ski, i made a cerebral comotion

San R says:

Hi!! Your videos are by far the best!!Maybe you can help me :). What Volkl Revolt 86 size would you recommend me? 164 or 172? They have a bit of rocker. I am 5'8"/173cm tall, and weight 165pounds/75kg. Advanced ski level (not expert), all mountain (park, groomers, some off trail), basic freestyle tricks as 360s, I like skiing medium to fast (not race speed) and medium sized carving turns. Thanks!!

Levi Sutton says:

good for beginners👍

Troy Grossarth says:

You guys are so great. This video helped my son straighten out the cork on his 360s.

Icedlex says:

Very good Video

ollie jones says:

If my edges are super blunt, is this risky? Should I defiantly sharpen them first

Ebbe Vadelius says:

I Always land on My back and it hurts super mutch

Wondaz says:

jag är svensk btw

Devon Kilgour says:

This video is helping me a lot but i still can only do like 314 degrees of rotation and im stuck on it but i will keep on watching this video over and over again but thank you anyways

Tiny Peen Gang says:

I keep landing leaning back any tips

cashmab says:

My problem when I was first learning 360's was that I couldn't commit mentally and kept stopping at 180. What helped were 2 things: 1) focusing more on the pop and floating the rotation rather than trying to just whip it around, and 2) having someone standing down past the landing who would wave their arms in the air as soon as I started my 360 so as to make an easy visual target to spot the landing. Without the person there to wave their arms, it can be hard to find your landing in the blur of the rotation. Then once you get past the fear of commitment you no longer need someone there to look for. I did my first 3's back in the '90's with the help of Trennon Paynter who now coaches the Canadian freestyle team.

Traulen Malina says:

Can i do it on normal skis? (not freeride or all mountain)

Luka Zajc says:

i have a questions
when i do 360 i always land on my back. what should i do to land 360 perfect. pleasee help me…

Ty Strawford says:

Finally a tutorial that actually fully explains how to do a 360

Lorenzo ballotta says:

ciao sei italiano?

Simon Wulff says:

Verry god tutorial i watched the video and then at my 3 attempt i naild it perfect and was verry happy

c 17 says:

Really interesting video ! I can do flat 3, 5 and 7, rodeo 5, backflips, front flips using knuckles and yet, I spent the last month doing 360 and failed everytime ! Frustrating

Viksjoe.strand says:

0:47 that assss!!!!

Fartacus says:

I go from right to left for some reason while spinning. Is this normal??

Best Of Football says:

I just made my first 360 (well more or less, I looked down on my skiis and landed on my butt). In standing I can only do a 90° turn. My Binding is further back so when I pop, it's hard to pull up the front. Often I doen't even manage. What can I do? How can I pop higher and how can I turn more?

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