In this beginner how to ski tutorial, we are going to show you how to jump on skis. Specifically, I teach a beginner skier in front of the camera so you can see some common mistakes and the entire journey Roger went through to learn how to jump on skis. We start the video by having a look at the beginners jumping technique then we go practising popping and timing. Once the technique is improved we start to first jump small park jumps in the beginner park then we move onto the intermediate park where we increase the size of the jumps. The last thing we learn is how to mute grab on skis.

What you will learn in this video:
01:09 Step 1: Skiers warm up
01:17 Step 2: Let’s see if Roger can jump on skis
02:35 Step 3: Position & popping 100%
03:40 Step 4: Timing the pop
06:19 Step 5: Beginner park jumps
07:07 Step 6: Gradually jump bigger
08:34 Step 7: Hit pretty big jumps
10:04 Step 8: How to mute grab on skis



Stomp It Tutorials says:

For an incredibly detailed guide (2 hours long) to freestyle skiing that is suitable for beginners check out.

awwome plays says:

I think I'm gonna have to relearn this popping thing xD

Marian R.02 says:

This development is absolutely insane

Ben Watkins says:

Do you pop when your ski tips reach the edge of the jump or when your toes in your boots reach the edge?

Deins Alleine says:

good progression by this skier.

simunator says:

i really have to buy me a pair of twintips

BlackAureole says:

Rogers a liar! He's been practicing every day for weeks in prep for this lesson!

George Munoz says:

So, I took this advice. And my execution is nearly perfect. My only problem is when I land, and I have no idea why I do this, I turn my skis at an angle. And it always end up falling down or if I land, hurting my ankles. It's a bad habit. And I need to work on it. But still, this video was super helpful!

gurnoor singh says:

Lucky beginner πŸ™‚

Sumil Sinha says:

What was the sound effect at 5:56 all about!? Great video. High quality as always.

Snow Gaper says:

Great video and so helpful for anybody who is looking to start skiing, thank you πŸ™‚ I have written a in-depth post if anybody needs any help

Frank V.

Tom Ash says:

It maybe how you "jump on skis" but it for sure isn't a ski jumping.

Roar For The Lion says:

I'm only watching this as I broke my ribs

aepan11 says:

Where is this slope? What is it name?

aepan11 says:

Great tutorials!!! Thanx & respect!!!

g hammy says:

This is so dumb, just get someone who knows how to hit jumps to tow you in and you will be fine.

George Wishart says:

Great video, we’re is this??

Gongic says:

It is jumping TOO late not TO

Jake Anderson says:

9:06 pretty dope trick by the guy in the background

davidsjones fanpage says:

I need a park like this

Grimaldus says:

What skies you ski in the tutorial? Are these atmoic chris bent chetler?

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