Winter & My Traumatic Skiing Trip

Winter & My Traumatic Skiing Trip

i could’ve used a title like “I FELL DOWN A MOUNTAIN AND COULD HAVE DIED *NOT CLICKBAIT*” but i didn’t. you’re welcome.



Zombie Gamer wolf says:

Oh shit double black diamond did I hear that right that is so dangerous

Matthew Gardner says:

Come to Quinlan,Texas and live far from people and there the leaves get very pretty🍁🍁❄️ but freezing 🥶

Randi Reed says:

Hey come to Texas the leafs are cooler full all the time!

idroppedallmyoreos andimnotokay says:

Jaiden, Mattpat made an announcement, you should check it out

I encourage everyone to support our hardworking animators, seriously, I do nOt want to lose Jaiden or any other people such as the OddsOnes out, this needs to be discussed, go to Game Theory and support other youtubers, this is going to be a bumpy ride.

xxxlil_turtle yt says:

ur grandpa’s golf hat landed in australia in one of our pond in queensland

DoWork says:

What about Prescott and Flagstaff AZ

Random Piggy says:

I saw a 5year old going on rubble black ;-;

Jean Franciski says:

Indiana weather :
Spring : Chilly
Summer : Pretty hot
Autumn : cold
Winter : Freezing
Winter is different everywhere…

a Dude is a Guy says:

Hey jaiden, u know on "the wall" u could have just taken of the skis… and walked down… but ye, you could do that to

The marching british loser says:

tis like my land

Kasia Zielinska says:

you can go to poland and there is the best leave colours

Spyrentep says:

What would man town smell like

Alice 12345 says:

Seasons in The Netherlands:

Spring: People with hay fever are gonna die (including me ;^;)

Summer: I only need ice-cream and fan, i have that so i'm good ^-^

Autumn: This is beautiful!!!! But the rain… omg

Winter: I think it's fall but all the trees died and there's no rain .__.

I’m a human That is 100% inoccent says:

Seasons in Australia

Summer: SWEAT

Spring: The medium times


Winter: The best of all

Weirdo TV says:

England season are like:

Winter:You step you get either frozen or drenched

Michele Doucette says:

Y live in Canada

Ram Playz says:

atleast u get snow, countries in the middle east (AKA where I live) don't get any snow at all, the only time I ever experienced snow was this one time when I went to my home country (yes Im not a citizen).

The Great Papyrus says:

You should visit Poland it's beautifull specialy at autumn 😁😁😍

Lxtra says:

I’m in Texas so I can complain all I want

S Bed says:

Little does Jaiden know leaves turning colors during fall isn’t so great (they die and fall off very quickly)

Gamertvmaster 163 says:

What tablet do you use to animate

KyogreCannon 64 says:

Seasons here in alaska:

Spring: fine
Summer: freakin' awesome
Autumn: getting cold in here…
Winter: I C E

Meanwhile in nevada:

Spring: heck yea
Summer: d e h y d r a t e
Autumn: a cool boi
Winter: ok

Smoking in my Weed says:

wdym "the rest of the country"? in philipines theres a thing called Ring Of Fire which means we cant get to complain about the cold too.

Ice Chiang The Roblox king says:

Singapore to o

Hi says:

What if I live in the mid west the summer is burning hot and the winter is like -20

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