Snowshoeing Basics: Movement and Techniques

Snowshoeing Basics: Movement and Techniques

Although snowshoeing is relatively easy to do, (pick up your knees a little higher and keep your feet wider apart) there are a number of basic techniques that will make your winter adventure safer and more enjoyable. In this video, I illustrate various concepts and techniques to consider and use when snowshoeing.

Keep in mind that the area (South Lake Tahoe, CA) where I produced this video received multiple feet of snow prior to and during filming. In essence, the environment in which I’m demonstrating the featured snowshoe techniques could be considered as challenging as it gets. That said, any all all techniques that I show can be modified for your specific circumstances. Being flexible and willing to adapt to your environment will provide you the best possible outdoor experience.

I wrote and produced this collection of articles and short videos about snowshoeing with the beginner and intermediate adventurer in mind. This is the demographic for whom I most often served while working in the outdoor recreation industry at Lake Tahoe, so I treat these informational blogs as extensions of the conversations I’ve had with those customers. That said, expert adventurers and mountaineers could probably take away something of value from these articles. Just know that I don’t intend to specifically address performance or race-oriented philosophy, technique, or gear selection in this series.

Although I advocate venturing out of your comfort zone, you need to know your limits and when to turn back. Tahoe Trail Guide and its contributors are not liable for property loss or damage, personal injury, or death. Always consult multiple sources when venturing into the backcountry, and always be prepared for the worst case scenario. Your safety is your responsibility.