2018 Winter Olympics: Shaun White wins halfpipe gold with epic final run | NBC Sports

2018 Winter Olympics: Shaun White wins halfpipe gold with epic final run | NBC Sports

Shaun White delivered the run of a lifetime to win gold in the men’s halfpipe and the 100th Winter Olympic gold medal in United States history.



David Vega says:

Was top of the world for a while then go a little set back but back on top

Neil Flack says:

they honestly just shouldnt give them the flags when theyre all emotional like that like no athlete means to and they all know its not supposed to be dragged around like that its just obviously not their first thoughts when they just one on the biggest stage of their careers, really any athlete can really get caught up in the moment and have it escape their minds whether its winter or summer olympics or world cup or anything like that

King killer Gaming says:

I hope they buried that flag

young sinatra says:


saleh alqahtani says:

It was great

Don Jon says:

That man did it again. This is true greatness

Daniel Benington says:

The guy is grateful there's no doubt about it.

Gabby Camargo says:

Anybody else love that name?

Alexander Arnold says:

You stole my nest eggs.

Wendy Topmpkins says:

Um Anyone here 2019

Saulo Naguatl says:

Wow!!! And he did it again. 🐐

Moto says:

Michael Phelps of snowboarding

Ryan Giacobozzi says:

It's sad that people complain about the flag being dragged for a couple seconds after he clearly showed it off and who was beyond tired and exhausted and full of emotion.

James Kolesnikovich says:

Anyone know what bindings/boots he uses? Thanks

Lori Colvin says:


Mika S says:

I want more yelling more scramming more emotion behind the commentating more more more morreeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

Mika S says:

I came here for better hype commentating.

Zach ary says:

Greatest Olympic moment of all time in my opinion

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