The World’s Best Carving Snowboarder – Ryan Knapton

The World’s Best Carving Snowboarder – Ryan Knapton

In this video I’m snowboarding with Ryan Knapton who is one of the best carving and buttering snowboarders in the world! Ryan Knapton is a fellow profession snowboard YouTuber and has been creating snowboard content around his incredible carving and butter tricks. If you’re looking for snowboard carving tips check out Ryan’s videos. Also check out his channel for snowboard butter tips. For more snowboarding videos click the subscribe button at the end. Thanks for watching! Have fun out there snowboarding!



The Man On The Mountain says:

Many skilled guys that do switch 1080's can't carve like this guy. Respect.

K2theAblam says:

Sooo smooth. I love this content man, I freaking love it.

Rodrigo Baeza says:

Sooo… Is he regular or goofy?? Haha he is just amazing on both!!!

yu yang says:

I know Ryan is good, but tell about best I think you don’t know the Japanese Rama

Joe Dent says:

omg!! sooo good on both edges! ur my hero brotha!! I need more time on the hill!!! I love it! thank u!!

Fighting _OBI says:

Wow, just amazing. I've seen good freestyle or "fast" riders in the park/on the slope or insane freeriders all in real life and in really nice videos but watching him carve and butter looks like nothing I've ever seen before. So smooth, so clean, so beautiful. Guess I got one of my training goals for next season

Al Wilson says:

Wicked awesome

Frédéric Morueta says:

poawwww so nice!! impressive. thank you for this video. So smooth

Free Life says:

What kind of board is Ryan using? is that a camber? Please let let us know, thanks.

Benny Brown says:

this is super sick and all but Breckenridge sucks

Hez Phillips says:

As a hard booster myself, I'm not all offended by the title. I mean. My GOD!! Look at where his center of mass is. I wish more skiers would learn this.

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