A Snowboarding Progression Video

A Snowboarding Progression Video

Documented the process of me making progression on my snowboard. This video is a summary of 4 days of snowboarding progression.

Check out my progression video playlist (it’ll motivate you to learn more tricks):

My favourite skate items:



DC Hooker says:

Man this video is awesome I’m planing to hit the park next season, got the basics now a just wanna learn some tricks like you. I feel very encouraged thanks to you now I can’t wait to get my Board onto the mountain

Moontain says:

I have been here since 5k

That Diabolo Guy says:

Please more snowboarding that was sick

I'm Just a random human says:

He ik ben nederlands!!🤩 waar woon je??

Victor Parvanov says:

Great video, lots of love from a semi pro skier

baconrapbros says:

snowboard bruh?

Superlooterplayz says:

Your videos really encourage me to skateboard, as I’ve mastered a Ollie last weekend, I really enjoy your content

Ecleticc says:

This motivated me…

Connor96 says:

blueprint goggles?

Andy Caba says:

Pretty cool video and very inspiring. Keep it up!

Sikkesilless says:

Mag is zeggen dat ik je Engels accent echt freaking mooi vind

CreateYourMelody says:

This video is fucking sick. I'm gonna go learn my back 3 off the kicker asap.

Joe Cheyney says:

Snowboard Bruh

Niko chichi says:

U r really good at snowboarding but ur doing one thing wrong when when curving left ur shoulder shouldn't face the way ur looking only face should

TheDeepVoiceGuy says:

Ooit geprobeerd te carven? Lekker snel en nog leuker

Maximilian Duda says:

wow this white boi said Nigga in deji's newest one question go video
WTF just copaire his voice and later in the video he talks about netherlands
fucking cunt racist

Sander says:

Hey nederlandse rakker

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