10 Beginner Snowboard Skills – First Day Riding

10 Beginner Snowboard Skills – First Day Riding

These 10 skills are going to show you how to turn down your first run, get around the mountain with your snowboard on and prepare you for the chairlift. You can learn these 10 beginner snowboard skill on your first day snowboarding, but everyone learns at their own pace, so it’s okay to spread these beginner skills over a few days of riding.



glen vela says:

Thanks man. I tried your tips and I ate shit, but not because of your tips but because I don’t speak English. Gracias!

Sahanumoto Studio & Photobooth says:

nice info thx

Hazzardous2005 says:

I’m not a beginner, I just like the video

zkkrhfhska says:

Hey kevin, just wanted to say i had my firstsnowboarding trip this week and i used your videos to learn. By the end of the week i was linking beginner turns, and starting to get confident letting my board run straight and pick up speed. It meant i could go down some noob runs with my friends! Thanks for putting these videos up they are so great and you are a good teacher

Stephen Wai says:

I took casi lv1 course this winter, check out my riding at whistler and feel free to comment, thanks:


Lucas Rosén says:

You so ugly

Connor Lorio says:

bro did exactly this on my first day a couple weeks ago and was only on the bunnys for a couple hours . Picked it up quick and was on the blues after lunch. Appreciate the help!

kyle hammond says:

Yesterday I went snowboarding for the first time in my life. Took me 40 min to get down my first green run. I slowly learned to get comfortable on my heel side, and enjoyed a few runs like that. I then spent another 40 min on a run learning toe side. By the end of the day on my last run I could link the two together (albeit not for long). This video helped me tremendously! My whole body is sore but I can’t wait to go out again. Thank you so much!

steevesr says:

Hi Kevin, im Steve of Quebec city.
Thanks for this Marvelous video !
Saturday 30 March is My First time with snowboard.
I Guess is not easy!
Thank you for your video!👍👍👍

goodnews Minnesota says:

Thanks for some tips, which we used before snowboarding this past weekend. I've been snowboarding for years and learned some new tips too!

HealthFitness LifeGuy says:

Great step by steps to learn..thanks!

Loren King says:

I love to snow board I can't ho 1 winter without sledding or snow boarding👍

Saxophone Lit says:

whos here after getting torn up on the mountain?

Nitrous blast 365 says:

I'm going to be experiencing my First time snow boarding soon and I'm glad these lessons will help me out I'm sure it will do me so good that I need in my first time thanks for the video about all this

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