GoPro: Let Me Take You To The Mountain

GoPro: Let Me Take You To The Mountain

The third of the HERO3+ Adventure Series

Travis Rice, John Jackson, Chris Davenport, and Lynsey Dyer set forth on a journey to the Andes Mountains in a quest to find their perfect line.



xo xo says:

Balkans after watching this video

The Sports Garage says:

This video just makes me so happy, like how awesome would it be to take a step in their shoes for a day?

Xdevil 22 says:

I want to try this so hard

Matty Saunders says:

Skiing or snowboarding

Miss Hacker says:

yeah, I really should !

stoned smoker says:

Boring as shiit

Andrei Constantinescu says:

Looks like im not the only one that uses them skiing sticks for balance

Steve Jobs says:

who here in 2019?

ahmed almakhamreh says:

you dropped the gloves guys

Cr1 ssk8 says:

1:35 whats the name of the song?:(


When you are extremely stupid but a God in snowboarding.

K Mihail says:

GoPro your videos always awesome!

TreeHuggerDave Mahoney says:


yello997 says:

5:43 you dropped your glove… idk if its still there probably worth a shot though

KotsiPrince says:

5:44 RIP glove

BeyondBr1aNn88 YT says:

4:01 whoa how do you get footage like that

Lev Katreczko says:

5:42 she looses her glove while getting into thee helicopter

prayer g says:

I would like to do anything to be one of you guys. So alive

Twitch nL Kyros says:

5:46 nooooo a glove fell out

Trusted Experts Reviews says:

Life at its best!

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