How To Improve Your Riding On A Snowboard

How To Improve Your Riding On A Snowboard

This tutorial covers a few issues that many intermediate snowboarders experience while riding. We’ll teach you how to spot them and give you the skills to improve upon them. This tutorial is mostly related to body position, because if you are able to get your body position correct, you’ll ride a hell of a lot better!



mike Schepper says:

Thanks.. noticed a few bad habits I’ve had after 36 years of boarding.. I think I’ll slow down and work on form.

alex Hendrickx says:

I was already doing the same like you

Stephen Wai says:

I took casi course this winter, check out my riding at whistler and feel free to comment, thanks:

cjdagamer says:

The leg bending thing is important the way I think of it is like having a car with good shocks vs a car with shitty shocks. Having bent knees means a less bumpy ride just like having a car with good shocks. While having straight legs is very bumpy it’s like going off-roading in a Honda Civic you just don’t do it

Ryuei Kotoge says:

I just finished riding this season in Niseko,and I still remember that this video helped me to learning. Thank you!

Jeje H says:

This is excellent tutorial, very clear and to the point Thank you for this.

Connor Miclette says:

After my first day of riding i was wondering why i chattered down the mountain so much but with this I think I have a chance of not totally breaking my ass down the mountain this time. GOTTA KEEP YOUR KNEES BENT

Gregory Bartkowiak says:

Great bunch of fundamental tips, yet unlikely to found anywhere else. I just wish I watched it two weeks ago when I was still cruising in Les Deux Alpes. Well done, i will definitely take these 'on board'!!!

Vanessa D. Maris says:

Thank you!❤️🏂

The life out there! By Brazilian eyes says:

amazing tips!

Matt T says:

What's the worst thing about snowboarding? Having to tell your parents you are gay

Ardyn Lucis Caelum says:

Are you serious? how are you supposed to be on your heel edge while having the shins pushed against the front of the boots? that's impossible

Jamie Read says:

First thing that should be said is your back foot is the steering wheel it controls everything front foot is only for stability

Mental Monk3y says:

first time skiing recently and i cant tell you how jealous i was watching the boarding fly past me looking so cool. (worked booked ski trip so no choice). After this trip i'm so buzzed to try boarding, this video was awesome and super helpful. Definitely excellent pointers to look out for from the beginning.

Anyone able to suggest a good place to begin boarding? i'm thinking Austria (I live in UK).

Thank you for the video. Subscribed and going to watch more.

denoki says:

nether pro nor expert .. fucking noobmaster

Milada Stehlikova says:

love it,clear and high understandable, excellent demo

Gaz Almonte says:

Great video

You Know Me says:

Just for my reference to look back to

_wals_ says:

Best snowboard tips on the internet! You touched all my flaws and taught me how to correct them! Keep it up guys!!🤙

0c0cpcpcpc k says:

You know the mf at 6:42 thinks hes the shit

justgot123 says:

Awesome video. Thanks

Arron C says:

About to head out on Sunday for my first ever run and have all your tips in mind. I’ll let you know how I go.

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