Japan Powder Snowboarding in Hakuba Happo-One

Japan Powder Snowboarding in Hakuba Happo-One

In this video we have our first day of snowboarding in Hakuba Japan. We’re riding at Happo-One Hakuba ski resort, which is one of the largest and most popular mountains in Japan. Our goal for today is to explore some the of the trees find some deep snow for our powder snowboards. Today I’m riding the Nitro Pow and TJ is riding the Rossignal Sushi. Our first few runs were spent snowboarding in some of the trees accessible from the groomed runs. You’re not allow to ride all trees because of hazards in the snow. Then we did a short hike to find some alpine snowboarding, which end up being some of the best powder turns on our lives! We finished the day by picking up some instant Ramen noodles from the local grocery store. Thanks for watching!

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Free Life says:

Awesome videos guys. I see you guys wear mittens. What mittens do you recommend? What about your thoughts between mittens and globes. Thanks

Puppy Punter says:

I believe it it japowder, my dudes

The Milk Run says:

What was your favourite Hakuba resort?

keito kawashima says:

Did u fun buddy!!?

Rolonar says:

Snowboarded for the first time there 3 weeks ago. Spent alot of time on my ass but i literally cant wait to get on a board again

RSK says:

This video is amazing! I'm going there at the end of this year which hotel did you guys stay in?

Zeke Mitchell says:

I went to Hakuba it’s so fun

Bas Elst says:

Wich settings are your GoPro on? I have a GoPro to, but I don't know what the right settings are for good days in de mountain. Can you help me?

Side_0 says:

did you guys bring your own boards or did you rent the. i wanna do this myself end this year

Ianex says:

I went there for a school trip and everyone hated roots cafe

Jackson Bender says:

Great background music

Jun says:

Thank you for coming to Japan!
I really appreciate to share Japanese good points🙌

Michael Mckenna says:

if you guys are back here in japan again, hit me up….. i rode hakuba and kagura 15 years and moved to osaka 10 years ago…made hachikita my home resort and know all the bc runs there…

James Mckinnon says:

dude u should try moiwa in niseko , quiet resort but the slopes make up for it …. really good powder and just a 10 minute drive from all the big resorts like annupuri, etc…



Matthew Stenquist says:

Yo the Happo North Face is the best. Poops you right out to Hakuba 47 if you hug the ridge line.

Michele Picozzi says:

powder snowboarding in Japan 🙂 https://youtu.be/E6ABIe83UIU

Kouta_ Takemura says:


Scott Trent says:

Yo guys. Great vid.
TJ’s jacket link takes you through to a black goretex jacket. I really like the sandy colour. What jacket is this? Thanks as always

ukWn_zacho says:

I went there

Csaba Szabó says:

Yooooooooooooooo! Those seat covers in the taxi, are Doooope!

Brandon Froese says:

Usually people ride pow in 2L Gore-Tex these guys doing it in hoodies and bibs is epic

Ivan J says:

Literally Japan's Pow is the surreal and dry, the best in the world! Japow! Rode there 3 different places, Happo One, Niseko, Myoko Kogen and in 3 years in a row! Good show guys!
Why did you have your board inside the store? lol. Japan is really a safe place. Unlike in the U.S and Canada lol

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