Dank Sledding Adventures

Dank Sledding Adventures

$25 to fashion a DIY sled. Two teams. Which sled wins?



Harmless Prankster says:

It is like you all just broke your outdoors virginity.


I found 2 dead pixels during this video.

Fufner Keywheel says:

You need to use ski wax to go faster.

JÜKKL says:

Dennis looks like a crappy snowpark snowboarder

Wretched Slippage says:

I need to give some money to whoever edits these. Top shelf.

Aranea says:

1:45 let him buy candy goddamnit 😂😂😂

uberCRITICAL says:

Thanks, but no thanks

PuppetMemeStealer says:


CL1CKS says:

One of my favorites. We should revisit with higher budgets

Andrew Morris says:

I just realized the genius of this channel. They get paid on their channels for videos, but they like to screw around, sometimes on the clock. Why not get paid for screwing around on the couch?

Giovanni Rasetti says:

omg revive channel super fun

Flykope says:

“You are so white, calm down” – Dennis

Fletchel says:

Bring back this channel please

nem tudom says:

Dennis' hair, LOL!

Alyssa Shook says:

Sledding on a boogie board? That's the best of winter and summer!

Kristijan Cerovski says:

I want somebody competent to make a meme out of Berkel from 9:429:48.

Yes, please?

Catatonic Galaxy says:

whre did you buy the hair hat ? anyone know ? link me

Eddy Studios says:

R.I.P Channel Super Fan

Never Uploads Anymore

Gurshan Mahl says:

The hill they sleded on is the one that leads to my school

Rafael Peña says:

Taran reminds me of Milo Thatch

JakeWalterGames 2 says:

down down down down down bin cracks wow…

Mac Yalo says:

0:43 taran booty

Fredrik says:

0:10 Hahahah

Daniel Looney says:

Why is Gordan Freeman sitting on a trash can lid?

Sweet Lion says:

10:20 Colton fucking dies

Mason Godat says:

Does anyone know where I can get one of those gray "YES." hats Nicky V is wearing

Caleb Hawn says:

Wow, this is great! I love how on that last third run, literally everyone else on the hill stopped to watch. Pretty great!

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