Whistler Summer Snowboarding Opening Day 2019

Whistler Summer Snowboarding Opening Day 2019

Whistler’s summer glacier opened for snowboarding yesterday and we had to head up to check it out! It has been about 5 years since I’ve been up here, and this was also where I first started riding with Kevin about 6 years ago so it was great to get back up there and do some laps for day 1 2019. The glacier is open for riding from June 8 until July 16, looking forward to all the days on the glacier coming up!



Board Archive says:

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davidsjones says:

Holy crap!!! that was sick hahaha! 4:15

Antony Pearson says:

You guys live the life 🤙🏼

MrSpreadem says:

Do you think they will build this up over the next few weeks?? Was up their last year and it was build up quite a bit more

Queen Kelsey says:

What come on here California it’s hot and I miss snowboarding y’all lucky staying cold and all

Joshua Schaffer says:

Sick shots!

beezwaks says:

What's the Board?

Alexander Georgiev says:

TJ you do not air the Super DOA review. Is there a problem with the product and therefore you do not want to make it public? F ……ing political correctness?

J C says:

Is it worth waiting for the 2020 strata? Is there much of a difference over the 19

Alexander Georgiev says:

I wish you 50 more years ahead. You do fantastic job and every single one of you brings different vibes to the snowboarding. Professor TJ and Kevin the Brave heart. This is might be silly 🙂 but on the other hand since I am a fan for more than 3 -4 years this is the way i find you. God bless you both!

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