Snowshoeing 101 – How to snowshoe

Snowshoeing 101 – How to snowshoe

Learn the basics of this great winter sport, tips on how to snowshoe and safety.



Cringemaster says:

Tf is the point

HW2800 says:

I going around my yard!

Fina R says:

I’m going to have to snowshoe 9km up a mountain with my school yay so excited 🙃

Pouya Iranitalab says:

what??? You are NOT responsible for my safety? how dare you put a video and NOT take full responsibility for MY safety! Unbelievable.

(thank you for the video 😉 )

Jackie Allen says:

Incredibly informative video! I love how it's broken down to the very basics with really nice visuals to follow along to. I'm about to go on my first snowshoe hike ever. Thanks for helping me out! Now it's time to test these techniques out! 👣

Scriptosaurus rex says:

What if the dog wanted to snowshoe as well?

Shervinator101 N says:

So its straight up snow hiking tf

Eric Rosbottom says:

Thanks for the straight forward video, I live in Yellowknife and I’m 45 and want to get a little more into physical activities. I’ve already started a healthier living I quit smoking 4 months ago. And I intermittent fast. I’ve lost 45 pounds in the last year, and I’m at my goal weight of 200 lbs. I seen a pair of snow shoes and the range limit says 200-250 will they work. Thanks in advance

Kenneth Arfa says:

Useful video IF you’ve watched more basic instructions first. I’d call this advanced basic. Not a very beginner’s guide.

Jason Hyatt says:

Excellent video. Clear information, well-presented, and no extraneous B.S. Thank you!

Heathen Wolf says:

Q. I always hear you have to pretty much walk bow legged to walk in snowshoes.. But you walked almost normally…

Eventyrsoren Denmark says:

Great video .Thanks a lot !!!!

Michael Caldwell says:

Easy to get in and out of these. ==> Lightweight, look good and pretty comfortable.

Synathidy says:

But what do I do if the long thingy gets caught in the loopy doodad, thus tangling up the whole thingamabob?

overthehill91 says:

Not sure how these are better than boots

poppycat 2429 says:

snowshoe! 😀

Tali Travels says:

Going snowshoeing for the first time today, thanks for the tips! Excited to try it!

Dianna Dahlke says:

Going to do this

Robb Joyce says:

Why can’t all instructional videos be this good

Dave Paterson says:

How do you get up after falling in a stream?

twigglykevin says:

looks like BC. namely central interior…an hour or so outside of prince george… wanna say purden.

mbaines95 says:

cool video. I was snow shoeing at the top of a mountain the other day. There was a narrow packed trail, but off to the side it was very deep powder, and I realized I haven't seen any instructional videos on extracting myself from a fall in that sort of situation. Do you have any tips in addition to using the poles?

Angela Neatby says:

Meanwhile the dog's a full-on expert with awesome technique

SkylarBoo Is the best says:

This was haspferl

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