HOW NOT TO DO IT | Snowshoeing Adventure in Extreme Conditions

HOW NOT TO DO IT | Snowshoeing Adventure in Extreme Conditions

A rare trip for us in the winter – a total of 7.5 miles snowshoeing and 2600 feet of elevation gain. Come along!



niggadan says:

Wow what trail did you guys take?

Aaron Wilcox says:

The cabin part reminded me a bit of the movie "The Edge".

Mitchell Rossman says:

Respectfully suggest that you take an avalanche class because what you don't know can kill you. Once you do, you will understand how you did everything wrong here. Very glad no one was killed.

Fabian Meza says:

Really enjoy watching your videos! One of the best camping/review/ outdoor channels out there! Keep up the great work and and keep on giving me reasons to come back to YouTube!

Jballard9130 says:

What is the holster you are using!? I can’t find a video on it. Trying to edc a bear gun on the belt is miserable with my aether 85. TIA!

The Bramante Chronicles says:

Tough hike guys. Loved the video. How come you didn't stay the night in the cabin though?

Vic Ivanov says:

Good job. Like always the best videos on YouTube

Sushi And Wasabi says:

Dang…you guys were stretching it on this one. Things could have easily gone bad.

YouTubeExplorer says:

Holy cow you guys are hardcore! Thanks for sharing. This is inspirational stuff.

Андрей Жорник says:

Молодцы братишки:) стрёмно… но вы это сделали!

Андрей Жорник says:

А Тимоха как всегда точит семечки!!!:)

cameron collings says:

Where is that cabin?

SPEC says:

If I could give you more than 1 thumbs up, I would! Appreciate the effort this took. Glad you guys made it through 👍💪

Cherokee44 Oklahoma says:

I was worried for you. Glad your OK.

Mark Stepchin says:

Thumbnail 😍😍😍

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