Several months ago, we made the decision to no longer have our P.O Box information public. We truly appreciate everyone who wants to send us gifts and letters, but the amount of items became far too overwhelming for us to use or even acknowledge. If you happen to know our P.O Box information, we kindly ask that you do not use it to send us anything. Your love and prayers are all we need from you. We love you all!



Brynna Davis says:

I live in a caben too and it's snowing here

Mariana Cuello-oguin says:

when Ollie rolled brayn eh I was like whaaaattttttttt

Noora Huq says:

Ollie doesn’t look impressed by the sledding

Noora Huq says:

It’s so funny when Bryan and missy went down the hill they were like kids it was so adorable. When Bryan said, “ Did you see that?” It made me laugh

YouTube Fan says:

Bryan:I have a very naked ollie climbing on me

Juliette Zuniga says:

It's so funny whenever Missy says look at the minion sled and Ollie goes eh so cute and adorable

Sherina Begum says:

Ollie looks so cute in his chrismas wanzi. Finn looks so cute but I like it when it says little peanut.

Lunar Love says:

Minyon was rajected

J Kelly says:

Oillie so happy

Hailey Satnarine says:

whos watching in 2017

Coby Proverbs says:

I love you

ilham fajri says:

did fin just say hay

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