Announcement of the Host Cities for the 2022 Winter Olympics and 2020 Winter YOG

Announcement of the Host Cities for the 2022 Winter Olympics and 2020 Winter YOG

Watch the moment where Beijing was announced as the 2022 Winter Olympic Games host city and Lausanne was announced as the 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games host city.



Alexandre Avila Flores says:

Mexico 2032

am S says:

Expect the 2026 🇸🇪 🇮🇹

dbutter says:

I had gone with brasov and almaty, but I am sure these Olympics will he great as well

News Channel 5 Roblox says:

22:18 is what you came here for

Hangga Raga says:


adam withey says:

Who replaced Jacques Rogge as the president of the international Olympic committee?

Tom Hanna says:


Nurul Nadirah says:

I just realize if 2022 is the year when Winter Olympic & Asian Games both will be held in China.. Beijing Winter Olympic & Hanzhou Asian Games.. damn China must have so much money & budget to upgraded or built new venue in both cities..

Minil Roy says:

I still don't know why 2028 Los Angeles announced so early relative to other summer olympics.
Does this give them an astonishing advantage to host it smoothly?
I'm not against it, but why only for America?

Tao Shen says:

During the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, all foreign athletes, foreign audiences, foreign media reporter,foreign coaches and foreign referees must say the same sentence: "How YOUTUBE, GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM are blocked in China,how VPN software blocked in China.I hate being unable to contact my family and friends!I also hate the damn Chinese government for hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics!

Tao Shen says:

Chinese President Xi Jinping said: The Chinese environment is worse and dirty than the imagination of foreigners! China’s human rights are even lower than your foreigners imagined, and there is almost no human rights in China! Chinese women's rights are even lower than you think of foreigners!
中国国家主席习近平说:中国环境比你们外国人想象的还要恶劣,肮脏!中国人权比你们外国人想象的还要低 ,几乎在中国没有人权!中国女权比你们外国人想象的还要非常低!

Tao Shen says:

Chinese President Xi Jinping said: Liu Xiaobo was killed by Xi Jinping. In 1989, the 4 June incident was also the Chinese Communist Party killing innocent Chinese people. I Xi Jinping admitted that US President Trump is a good person. I admit that China is a relatively closed country!

Tao Shen says:

Chinese President Xi Jinping saying: Welcome People All over the World Come to Beijing for the Winter Olympics in 2022. I am the "permanent" top leader in China. I am the "lifelong" top supreme leader in China and I am the sole leader.
中国国家主席习近平说:欢迎世界各地的人们来到北京参加2022年冬季奥运会。我是中国的唯一“永久”最高领导人。 我是中国“终身制”最高领导者,我是中华人民共和国的唯一最高领导者。

Tao Shen says:

Let the People's Republic of China Beijing to run the 2022 Winter Olympics, the International Olympic Committee is the wrong choice! China guarantees Olympic President Thomas Bach, foreign athletes, foreign coaches and foreign referees to China to enjoy China's Internet closure, Internet speech is not free, the world's worst Internet! Let foreigners come to China to experience the deterioration of human rights in China, and the freedom of action is a demonized country!

Sandy Cheecks says:

What the hell???? China for 2 sports event ini one time???? Asian games also winter olympic

Sandy Cheecks says:

1. Olympic
2.winter Olympic
3.paralympic games
4.winter paralympic games
6.Winter Yog
7. ????

Amy Vargas says:

Can’t Kazakhstan get a chance

elizabeth mcconkey says:

Tampa FL Should Bid For Summer Olympics In 2048
974.2 million & Help From The People Im Sure The City Of Tampa Can Host 2048

Green Hornet says:

2032 olympics needs to be in Africa

Tom Hanna says:

182th IPPC Session Fukuoka Japan

仔軒 says:

Guangzhou 2032

Arman Bashyrov says:

После отстранения России на играх 2018 года я считаю что рейтинг "Олимпийского комитета" будет падать. Теперь понятно что представляет из себя эта организация, лучших атлетов из великой спортивной державы не пустили на Игры? Они реально думают что все употребляли допинг? Что можно не пускать чистых спортсменов? Я не защищаю Россию, я уважаю ее великой спортивное прошлое и настоящее. Олимпийские игры в моих глазах теперь никогда не будут прежними и конечно те спортивные принципы которые в них заложил господин Пьер де Кубертен навсегда порушены…..

Estrading Co says:

Boycott this Olympic. For sure we are not going.

Eva Wallner says:

asia again…..😤

Tao Shen says:

Chinese President Xi Jinping: Welcome People All over the World Come to Beijing for the Winter Olympics in 2022. I am the "permanent" top leader in China. I am the "lifelong" top supreme leader in China and I am the sole leader.

Tao Shen says:

China Bad: China's Internet Firewall, China's Environmental Pollution, Human Rights in China, Taiwan Independence, Tibet and Xinjiang's Independent Human Rights, Hong Kong's Independent Human Rights, South China Sea Sovereignty, South Tibetan Territory, Chinese Impoliteness and Irrespective Civilization, made in China killed people, the rise of China affects the whole world, and the manufacturing of China affects the world ···

Tao Shen says:

China Good: Made in China 2025, Fuxing High Speed Train (350KM / H), Shared Bike, Mobile Payments (Alipay and WeChat Payments), Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, Qinghai-Tibet Railway, Shenzhen Speed, Lanxin High Speed Rail···

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