China unveils promotion video for its 2022 Winter Olympics bid

China unveils promotion video for its 2022 Winter Olympics bid

Themed as “Joyful Rendezvous upon Pure Ice & Snow”, China’s promotion video for the 2022 Winter Olympics bid was released on Saturday, showing Beijing’s preparation and resolution for a successful bid.



Diaz Miller says:

The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics must be epic!!

Vertios says:

2022 will be iconic for all athlethes and countries participating solely because China opens up the whole Olympics with such a powerful opening. I remember Beijing 2008. It was so intense and I had never followed an Olympics as closely as I've down 2008 and I think the opening is to thank for that. For people more curious about China and their openings, watch their G20 opening and youth Olympics opening 2014. Simply astonishing.

naire millio says:

Made in China quality

Mr.Amazing says:

Except there is almost no snow in Beijing. Clever plan..

Northern Irish Mapping says:

Fuck you China last week tonight should win

B M says:

Pledge myself today, hopefully in 5 years time I can be part for Olympic China hockey team. Success rate less than 0.1 % but regret is far worse than not trying. -BM 02/21/1999

anyalify says:

why not Harbin, Shenyang or Dalian ?! big cities with real winter and snow

paper aviation 147 says:

there is no snow there

Damien Wu says:

What is the first background music called?

Koopa Da Quick says:

"The snow here is so beautiful, you'll forget it's artificial!"

William Maldonado says:

the beginning of the video is really frozen like

aaronrevealed says:

One thing is for certain: the Opening and Closing Ceremonies will be AWESOME—-that is, if the 2008 Summer Olympics is ANY indication. NEVER has there been such an artistic display in an opening and closing ceremony. For that alone, I look with anticipation.

Kai Hou says:

Guys, you really should go to visit Zhangjiakou City, snow everywhere in the Winter, nice town and nice food there.

George Chlada says:

Artificial snow!

AXP Bonecrusher says:

I find it funny how the national television provider in China puts out videos on YouTube. Did they forget no one can access it?

Gooby pls says:

Beijing, you know, the place that gets hardly any snow and has been in the middle of a crippling drought for years? what was the oic thinking

Joshua the Cat-Human says:


Антон Чигур says:

А наши колхозбаи, даже ролика никакого не сделали. Позорники. Сралась нам эта олимпиада?! По моему других проблем валом.

One1 says:

"Joyful" Rendezvous upon Smog, everywhere you look.

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