Curling – Men’s Semi-Final – Sweden v Great Britain | Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

Curling – Men’s Semi-Final – Sweden v Great Britain | Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

Daily Report – Highlights from the Ice Cube Curling Centre of the Men’s Curling Semi-Final match between Sweden and Great Britain at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games.



Ryan Hynes says:


chachopaisdead says:

What happen if accidentally touches the ball?

Artist Light says:

I'm dying. This can't be serious oh lord😂😂😂😂😂😂.

Adriano Célio says:

Very Good! Wow/1

acan bin aun says:

Gak ngerti mainan ni

Penting News says:

Please god make this stupid and weird sport as the last sport

Raeseon Sambury says:

Come on, there must be a limit on Olympic sports

ahaha dinan ketel says:

I don't understand this, how to play

J Bebing says:

I'm pretty sure Mexico and some Latin countries can get gold at this sport.

diego martinez says:

No entiendo ni verga de este juego

Sapna Gurjar says:

Joo bhi iss sport ke bare main apne uccha vichar prakat kar rahen rahen unse mera ek question hai ki
Kya aapne ke kabhi ice skates pahene hain or aagar pahene hain toh aapko pata toh hooga ke unpar balance karna kitna mushkil hai
I am also a national level speed skater and I know how hard it is to select in olympic team they representing there countary at such a level and u r jaus making a bullshit over here
So don't dare to talk any thing wrong about any sports
If somebody comments on your family like this then you understand how it herts this sports are also like our family it is every thing for all the sports person all over the world only for sportsperson not for you who are making bullshit over here you think that this is an entertainment but you don't know the value of sports
Jaate jaate bas ek baat ki aagar phir se aise kiya toh bagah tumchya ghari yaun tumchi aai zhaven

isa korkmaz says:

O fırçacılar 1 dk da 31 cekiyolardir

SubaSan says:

I still can't understand this. I know no one can help me.

anto patoding says:

anyone can explain this for me???


What are they supposed to do in this game.

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