Extreme Snowshoeing

Extreme Snowshoeing

Destined to change pretty much nothing, we are proud to present the sole shattering sport of ‘Xtreme Snowshoeing’. When Berghaus held their annual athlete camp where athletes, product designers and marketing people get together, nobody was expecting this!



I Renka says:

Fun seeing this :-):-):-)

Amal Aljohani says:

My first pair of snowshoes and they are excellent.==>ur2.pl/1122 Easy to put on, easy to use and great quality for a great price.

Synathidy says:

I hope X Games is taking note of this movement.

Dabs & Tea Time says:

Wtfuck this's sew dubstep

Jason Williams says:

Went for a hike shortly after receiving. Bindings attached easily and securely to hiking shoes.==> https://t.co/3pni5adKE1  Seemed well balanced front to rear. Good flotation in snow.

michael mancini says:

the old guy needs a new grill

Stan Wright says:

Boobs on snowshoes…..this is extreme? Running downhill and attempting front flips. Amazing.

Epic Army Of One says:

y'all are breakin all kindsa records

Jared Barton says:

You guys rock! I'm a big fan of Extreme Snowshoeing

Eat yourself says:

Don't quit your day job

ZEROmg says:

powdery snow AND technical shoes TOGETHER???? who would have thought……..

osk2689 says:

what a joke just go snowboarding, this looks lame

Theearthtraveler says:

Makes regular snowshoeing look tame!

EyesOnEssentials says:


jake thamm says:

awesome……i had no idea.    

Daniel Korchinski says:

This video has inspired me to change my life. Thank you XT snowshoeing! 

Lara-Lyn Ahrens says:

This video has touched my life – I feel like I need to become a part of such a wonderful and exciting new extreme sport. I think I have found my calling. Now if I could just get out of Africa and find some snow – and show shoes …

danpaduano101 says:

whats up, i live in new york and mainly backpack in the northeast ( upstate NY, VT, NH, PA, etc) im looking for a good pair of snowshoes for my upcomming winter trip. i was looking at the atlas 10 series, i plan to eventually make my way across the country and snowshoe allover. do u think the 10 series would be good enough or should i go up to the 11 series?

kay kay says:

Lmao genius! I can definitely be good in this sport! Got the snowshoe face plant down 🙂

Emmalee123 says:

LMAO, they had me for a bit then I realized it was a joke. Now it's sooooo much funnier! Lol

Luke Yanes says:

whats the son at the beganing with the girl singing? 

iblockpuncheswithmyface says:

Crazy bastards, HaHaHa.

Michael Porter says:

oh that where…..should have waited til end of vid to post

Michael Porter says:

where is this. INcredible

Habaa Siddiqui says:

LOOL I'm so glad I watched this! haha Love the random stunts and fake names for them!

knox2613 says:

It's not only the natural athleticism that moved me while watching this, but the pioneering spirit I witnessed. Those that follow in your steps will pay homage each and every time they land the hat, or the face plant, or the tree grind. Thank you for documenting such an important piece of history!

b sherwild says:

I have both a pair of MSR snowshoes and a old wooden pair made in Quebec and the wooden ones out do thoses modern one by far.The wooden one stay ontop of the snow!!

ghalib says:

CooooL Video GyS

efnissien says:

Lol, been introduced to the dark arts of snowshoeing… These guys are my idols, done the 'tree grind', 'faceplant' (apparently I'm a natural), 'pirouette pratfall'. But I have to stress, preperation is everything, it's not for the faint hearted. I existed on a diet of fried breakfasts, rosti and Cardinal beer, while maintaining a rigourous training regime that included night navigational skills (now… where did I leave my apartment? I'm sure it was here before we left for the pub…)

Marc-André Mireault says:

I'm not sure if I prefer the snowshoe tree grind or the snowshow face plant! 😉

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