First Day Snowboarding in Tahoe || September 28th 2019

First Day Snowboarding in Tahoe || September 28th 2019

It’s dumping in Tahoe! Today we broke out the snowboard and secured riding every month of the year!! September 28th 2019, snowboarding Boreal Mountain in Lake Tahoe. I can’t believe how epic this life is!! Stoked to get a couple tricks in on the mini jib set up with just a few millimeters of snow!! I hope you guys are all stoking on winter 2020 being nearly among us!!



TyeDYE HEMPlord says:

Can’t wait to see you in Reno bum

Malconian says:

That’s a cop Fersure. Maybe have like a presale on your site of some dope ones to see if people would buy a lot of em, I would! 🤙
Never mind just saw they were up sale you love to see it !

sonny rico says:

You should sign it and send it to me

Felix Donovan says:

This makes me so happy to see the first snowboarding vid, cmon

Banana Dude says:

Wow…. don’t you love global warming???

Action Sports Zero says:

Looks like a pretty decent little jib for September 🤘🏼

Chance Fixel says:

Glad the snow is back I’ve missed the videos and I can’t wait to shred in colorado

Stephen Ward says:

that piccy is insane!!!!


Dope pics man, bet u have so many pics u can use my dude


Love to see it

Nathan Clukey says:


beezwaks says:

lol at the creeper shots from behind the corner,


This made me stare at my new board and try on all my new gear. Yewwwww!

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