GoPro: Extreme Sledding Down a Mountain

GoPro: Extreme Sledding Down a Mountain

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Cubebrixs says:

What camera did you use? BUGORTWO EXTREME

Gaming Turtle the savage says:

best place to go sledding btw
Highland Ranch Park
Park in Sun Valley, Nevada

Gaming Turtle the savage says:

not to shabby but did you go 40mph with no hands tho?

Gregory Klug says:

When I was younger I was sledding and I hit a bump that sent me flying and all I was thinking was “I’m in the air that’s not good am I going to die?

cayden mcnutt says:

Ok I will not attempt to wear a helmet

Ziggy Eyles says:

I was going at the same speed as you down a icy hill, lol. Actually, way faster.

Victoria B says:

I could feel the fun through your laughter ✌, couple of close calls almost getting your mates ass in your face lol.Lovin the speed!

David Campbell says:

amazing video.

squidnug YT says:

2:10 close your eyes and wait

MegaGamersDK - Gaming Videos says:

Hey guys. Do any of yall know if its illegal to sled down an escalator??

Ryan Mastroinni says:

why so many views

Aatu Poikajarvi says:

Not even a steep hill

Back2Back Stunts says:

Hi there,
I hope this finds you well.

I am contacting you from a production company based in the UK, called Back2Back. We produce factual series and documentary.

We are currently making a brand new TV Series called 'Stunt Science', showcasing and analysing some of the most extreme stunts from around the world. Due to be broadcast in Spring/Summer next year on the TV channels Spike TV, Viasat World and Hat Trick International.

We love your video and would like to feature it in the show. Therefore, I would like to ask your permission to include it in our series as part of one of our clip packages.

Please contact us at and add in a link to this video.
Many thanks,
Stunts Science team

Colin Nguyen says:


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