GoPro: Snowmobile Expedition through BC Backcountry in 4K

GoPro: Snowmobile Expedition through BC Backcountry in 4K

Come along for a backcountry Snowmobile adventure in British Columbia that has never been done before with GoPro Athlete Darren Barrecloth, Chris Brown and crew as they experience the excitement of a journey deep into the wilderness of Canada.



chun keung Kan says:

this is scary 5:00~~~

Falcon Animations says:

I hope my kids grow up like this

Jacob Johnson says:

when the joker blows up the hospital 0:17

Matthew Peris says:

I live in sicamous BC such good pow here and just soo fun I’ve lived here for 10 years I’m 22 and still I still find new places it’s siiick

Brunar says:

gives me anxiety to see him ride without gloves

Sebastian Berg says:

I want to die

OJ Boldt says:

What types of sleds are they ?

Gamer lets play says:

Its a snow jetski

Cyrus Fisher #19 says:

No gloves!!

Riley Halverson says:

Did they go through Minnesota known for a thousands lakes?

Ethan Cummings says:

I ride there to

Rambohs32 says:

Is that do it with dan sounds like it

XXX Tentacles says:

Chris brown

Scott Sweeney says:

Great video

dpotoski32 says:

Well put Darren

PerämetsänBomberi says:

No glowes wtf u crazy

Drew Carrell says:

That would be so much fun

Ngọc Ngọc says:

Xuất bản 15 thg 8, 2016

Pacific Chief says:

Mountain sleds are beautiful. I live in Wyoming, I wish I could sled BC.

Sebastian Ekdahl says:

I need a snowmobile, i live in sweden so the weather is not a problem. My econoy is lol. WOuld be nice to have a GoPro as well cause videos like these are sick

Danny Topping says:

Was this filmed In Golden B.C. by chance ?

Vegeta Death says:

Expedite: I don't deserve a Life.

TheShmeven says:

I feel bad for the guy with the toboggan he doesent get to have fun

FreddyBuckets5 X says:

why didn’t they just use switchbacks or indy’s?

Nash Marius says:

If they would have been wide open it woulda only taken them like a day or two. They have 800-1000cc sleds with turbos and drive 30-40 miles per hour across the countryside

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