How Long To Learn To Snowboard?

How Long To Learn To Snowboard?

In this beginner snowboard video I talk about how long it takes to learn to snowboard. There are a few snowboard skills to learn as a beginner and if you take the time to learn each one you’ll progress quickly.

Most new snowboarders on their first day can learn to skate, ride with one foot, slide and their heels and toes, and maybe attempt a beginner turn. Depending on your back ground in board sports it may take you less or more time to learn to snowboard.

Remember that everyone learns to snowboard at their own pace and its more about having fun and being safe. If you have any beginner snowboard questions you can leave them in the comments. Also share this video with any new snowboarders who are learning for the first time.



Jack Drugge says:

if I only would have had this tutorial when I started snowboarding XD

Js_rcm 1 says:

Where do U snowboard

Darius Knol says:

I got my basics on the second day, did a red slope on the third and went okay fourth day i had really decent carves and turnes on red slopes

Noxzl says:

If you skate (skateboarding) is it gonna be easier to learn how to snowboard

Felix Jochade says:

Can you make a Video how to ride with the other Bad foot front?

M W says:

My first day I went up a lift and started on a 3 mile long blue run. Took me like 2 hours to get down. Tough learning experience but I stuck with it.

Batsy Films&Music says:

I was thinking of learning snowboarding during December for like 2weeks. Would you suggest that I buy the gears or just rental? First time here

Archi S says:

2nd day when i did my first turn attempt, 3rd day linking turns, 4th day having fun, 5th day watching your vids and realising i need to learn how to butter…… Day 999 still improving.

Kudas Joyce says:

What boards do you recommend for beginners on the east coast?

Aidan Judd says:

I had my first trip snowboarding February gone. I spent a week watching you and crew in your videos. I watched them, one of the bros did not, he switched to skiing, fair enough. Thanks so much Kev! You the man 🤣

Lennaert van der Meer says:

A few years ago my friend was desperate learning. She took indoor lessons but she was scared to fall. Since my stance is Goofy, I stood in front of here and we went down dancing. First with 2 hands, later on with 1 hand and finally she went down by herself. I was so proud at here. 😊🏂

NameIsBird says:

I was going to go work at whistler for this season but my friend I was going with baled on me now im sad I want to snowboard so badly

Tim Wälti says:

Great Tutorial Thanks Kevin!

I‘m a Snowboard teacher in my local Ski-and Snowboard School-camp in Switzerland. Last year I found it difficult to teach the kids their first carving-turns after they had the basic turns learned safe. Would really love to see such a tutorial video on this channel.

Thanks and stay safe out there!

Lauren says:

Unless you're already proficient at another board sport like surfing or skateboarding (in which case you'll pick it up very quickly) I wouldn't recommend trying to turn on your first day. After spending ~3 hours learning to side-slip/traverse (along with getting up countless times after falling down), you'll be exhausted, and trying to learn to turn when you're already tired just isn't a great idea.

john sutcliffe says:

3 seasons and still learning. Hopefully I never stop

Krzysztof Duszczyk says:

You're totally wrong on toe and heel sliding. You shouldn't do this pushing move, as you can catch your frontside edge on heel or backside edge on toe. Instead to start sliding while you keep your position correct, you shoud just move your hips forward on heel side and lean your back while on toes. Than you should be able to start smooth, and will be sure you will not catch your edge. I know you wouldn't because your a pro but a begginer can. At least that's how the teach on the instructor curses :). Here is how it should look:

Taylor Mangan says:

can u teach heel to toe controlling

Craig 64 says:

Nice M4's Kevin:)

Jenny L. says:

When do you start going from the S turns to carving? I feel like I’m soooo close!

K Bud says:

Coming from water sports I was doing blacks on the first day and double blacks on the second

phykin says:

Great video! Showing to my friends new to the sport, wish I had this when I first started!

George Deligiannis says:

I did some lessons last year and i managed to go down some blue and red slopes.. to be honest, this year, i'll spend my first and second time remembering all these moves again 😛

Alexandre Fréchette says:

Whats tour top 5 ski resorts

GLEESO says:

I learnt how to turn in two hours

Im Nibor says:

what should i progress on when i think i have these moves down?

TR SKATE says:

This is my third full season and I’m still learning. You are always learning

Fleur says:

I learned it myself in 3 hours! I was covered in bruises but it was completely worth it 🙂

michael roche says:

Good video. I think it’s definitely different from person to person based on your background of action sports athletic ability. Coordination balance etc. much love from the East euro squad!

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