How to choose the right snowshoes

How to choose the right snowshoes

Here is a short video with tips and things to consider when buying a pair of snowshoes.

Faber & Co is the oldest and biggest snowshoe manufacturer worldwide. Since 1870, we have the brand workers, adventurers, racers and any snowshoer have turn to to enjoy winter’s wonders.



Justin Thesen says:

Do you have any snowshoes for 300lbs off-trail?

Candida Feliz says:

Went for a hike shortly after receiving. Bindings attached easily and securely to hiking shoes.==>  Seemed well balanced front to rear. Good flotation in snow.

maineking94 says:

I choose by looking at my metal and plastic snowshoes and then proceeding to grab my handmade traditional ones directly beside them.

John Wayne says:

Drink every time he says pivoted systems.

Jesus Christ Is Lord says:

My choice of snowshoe is dictated primarily by cost not practicality. :/

natefromcanada says:

Do you have any insight on the North Lander for a first pair of snowshoes? Plenty of hills and uneven terrain around central Ontario. Would the North Venture be a better option?

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