How-to-Snowshoe: Learn the basics from the experts at L.L.Bean

How-to-Snowshoe: Learn the basics from the experts at L.L.Bean

Snowshoeing is easy and a great way to get outside and enjoy winter. L.L. Bean product developer Nathan Mack provides an overview of the essential equipment and basic techniques to get you out on the trail this winter.



Michael Caza-Schonberger says:

You don’t need sticks unless you have extremely bad balance.

Eric Rosbottom says:

Fire kit , tarp and s cutting tool. It’s not a matter of if, but when

afra alameri says:

My first pair of snowshoes and they are excellent.==> Easy to put on, easy to use and great quality for a great price.

General Matt says:

how to snow shoe:
just walk!

Bryan Sheasby says:

Using a hydration compatible backpack so you don't have to take the pack off every time you want a drink is also a good idea.

JesusChristIsLord says:

Don't forget navigation (GPS, maps, compass), sustenance (food & water), and protection (sunglasses, sunscreen, etc.).

chasity reagle says:

He forgot snacks! LOL

Sinfonian Barelytone says:

Oh and going down sideways isn't practical. Takes too long.

Sinfonian Barelytone says:

Thanks for the tips. What about steep downhill travel? I find it impossible not to slip on the back fan tail which is very dangerous on regulations hiking trails.

Jerseyhighlander says:

Why would I want to buy a pair of LL Bean labeled, Atlas snowshoes, (made in China), from you when I can get Atlas products practically anywhere, and likely cheaper. You're just selling another companies products with your name on them. Besides, these trendy, tiny metal tube and plastic snowshoes stink compared to traditional wood frame & web shoes. Lets see a video of you walking through a foot and a half of powder with them.

Snowshoeing equipment says:

Thanks, great tips

Bridgitt Lee says:

Great low impact calorie burning exercise and its fun

paquam1 says:

Just bought myself new snowshoes today! I can't wait to go Weds with a friend of mine. Thank you for posting this and thank you the tip on the backpack! It crossed my mind as something to ANY time you go hiking, but for some reason it totally slipped my mind to pack one for snowshoeing. No idea why but great reminder! Thanks again!

Colton Blumhagen says:

Snowshoes are not used to increase your speed, they are used to keep you above the snow pack.

PureWarrior says:

love snowshoeing

1960markN says:

This is a pretty good video, but fails to address the REAL basics of snowshoeing. 1) When do you REALLY need snowshoes? – (in "more" than 12-14 inches of snow) 2) How much distance can you expect to travel in snowshoes? (1/3 to 1/2 the distance compared to a dry summer day) 3) you did a good job of describing the necessary wide stance, but how do you get UP after tangling up your feet, stumbling, and falling in deep snow? (strip off your pack and at least one snowshoe), a few other BASICS

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