Keystone Opening Day 2019 Snowboarding! – (Season 4, Day 3)

Keystone Opening Day 2019 Snowboarding! – (Season 4, Day 3)

Keystone opening day was soooo sick! I love how much snow keystone was able to blow with their new snow making guns. The snow was great and snowboarding on it felt awesome.

I am sure skiing felt great too lol Even though arapahoe basin technically opened first keystone opened with 4 times the amount of snow and I will be surprised if Keystone does not open first next year!!!



GotAL2Say says:

How do I become a part of the meet and wax? And where is it located?

Matt Bershinsky says:

1:47, right side of the run, black coat skier is me hahaha

Slixzer says:

HOLY 40K views let GOOOOOO

Alejandro GO says:

Love Keystone !!!

EazzzY_Three0Three says:

This dude has some sauce love his style

therockiesfan3 says:

so you went from skiing to snowboarding? What sparked the switch?

jacob jenneman says:

mike greene is a legend

Rolan Sereny says:

Hey man. Been watching your vids for a minute. Have a few questions about your film gear. Says you use the 360onex in your description… but I didn't notice it. Is it used somewhere? About your Karma Gimbal… is there any way to pole mount it and use it for selfies? Thanks for the stufff … bought one of your hats, a shirt, and sticker for my board. Represent!!!! One more question …. do you know a good instructor? I'm an intermediate boarder looking for a private lesson. Coming out to Keystone second week of Jan and Breck first week of Feb. Peace!

Gilbert Bauman-Flores says:

Bro! Thats straight Gnar! you got that board on lock!

Enrique Harker says:

What's uppp

Noah Sacco says:

Bro my place doesn’t open till December 12

Bustedfooty says:

Sick green runs bro, you could probably put a spirit level on those slopes and come up square.a

XxS1l3nTxa1Mx says:

Where is keystone?

Benja Poupin says:

Bruh u gonna stomp that rode 5? I helped hype it up at abay, u better send it

TwentyTwo22ThirtyThree 22 says:

That was some fun riding to watch. You earned a sub, keep it up bro.

Joshua Brumble says:

Hey man, I just got done with your live Q&A session. I started boarding 2 years ago… @38 years old!! This community has been an unbelievable asset. Yes, the videos of big mountain and big pipe pro boarding are cool but these videos that you do are relatable and make boarding accessible for regular 9-5 folks like me. You (and a few others here at youtube university) have literally taught me how to snowboard. Saying thank you seems grossly inadequate. Keystone is my "big trip' on the last week in February for 5 straight days. Hopefully I'll get the chance to shake your hand. You'll be able to recognize me as I'll be the weirdo with an evolution sticker on his helmet. Till then, keep doing what your doing. You're helping more people than you'll ever realize. Enjoy season 4, you're killing it.
 "If you want to be wealthy, be of service to others"

Keun Pruitt says:

I was more stoked on that pizza deal than this snowboard season

Adam Cooper says:

Worked as an instructor at Keystone last season and it was casually the best experience of my life. Recognized the lifty in the beginning of the video from last year as if it was just another day at work with another class. I recommend anyone to work at a resort like this at least once Keystone hooks it up with employee housing your first year. Cheers.

Drew Plutowski says:

People who snowboard in all black are boring as hell

Elisa Baughman says:

I’m 12 years old and have never snowboarded before but I really want to try it. Any tips?

Henrik Woodsman. says:

ive got the munchies!! I want that pizza!

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