Lovely Day: A Vans Snowboarding Film | Snow | VANS

Lovely Day: A Vans Snowboarding Film | Snow | VANS

In celebration of Jake Kuzyk’s signature boot, the Vans Snow team embarked on a 14-day road-trip down the coast of North America. Watch Jake and crew on their exploits in the new short film ‘Lovely Day’.



Annette Hacault says:

So nice to see the guys in their element… and beyond!

B Cloudy says:

getting me ready for the snowboard season!!

Mini GuitaRV says:

Are these nightmare before Christmas vans only Russia exclusive or will the eventually be released in the USA

Garret Grau says:

Thank you for making

Роман Сауляк says:

such a nice vibes! awesome video!

Ganon Morrisee says:

How did DuBahVick get on a Snowboard tour with Vanz??

ellstacker adventures says:

I love snowboarding:)

Tim Albertovich says:

I watched with enjoy! Thanks for fun film ✌️


Hey that looks like Bachelor. Oh it is, I got to hit that quarter. I'm glad I checked it out first. From above it looked like you could go up and over.. that would have ended poorly lol.

Wesley Hanson says:

Looked like some of my local riding spots up at Tahoe! Live to ride, ride to live🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼

Eric Krings says:

Dope one yo!

mross58 says:

rip dillon <3

Rasmus laursen says:

yoooo first comment

Stale Sandbech says:

it's a VIBE! rad video:)

Alexander Bertallo says:

8:38 how good…

Alexander Bertallo says:

Pretty sweet…

alex says:

Dope for adding the Skate and beach clips in!

justmike 35 says:

What is that song in the beginning?

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