Men’s Snowboard Slopestyle: FULL BROADCAST | X Games Aspen 2018

Men’s Snowboard Slopestyle: FULL BROADCAST | X Games Aspen 2018

Watch the spoiler-free full broadcast of the Men’s Snowboard Slopestyle final at X Games Aspen 2018.



GainDamage says:

Song in the beginning of the Video, captain?

Kaiser Brötchen says:

what's that jet engine sound everytime people jump?

Site Netxshr says:

"No disappointement this year".. I must say yes.. some.. Yuki Kadono was not able to get any clean run (I was really expecting some crazy tricks from him). .. Red gerard fell on his 3rd attempt, which could have been a crazy run. Mc Morris would probably have gotten gold if he landed his triple cork on the last jump. and a lot of riders fell on the course even in run 3. I don't know if the day or the snow was bad? But it looks like they had a lot of trouble landing the tricks on this course. Sad. Anyway, commentators are really good. And the lines from Kyle mack, was amazing. Markus clevelands rails section with backflip etc was insaaane. Thanks sharing the video.

Mrburrittos 57 says:

Congratulations Markus

Zoey P says:

Marcus was rightfully on the top, his run was so sick, but Kyle Mack's 3rd run was sooooo good too! Kyle Mack deserved more than a 77. Should have gotten bronze AT LEAST

Christopher Van Niekerk says:

Dont think Yuki has ever been out of top 10 to be honest, not sure where they got that stat from. That asians got the skills to pay the bills

Cammdc 1 says:

Oh wow he goes for the switch backside quintuple rodeo flip seatbelt 2880… Circa 2033..

HoppinArnd says:

4:45 supreme north face flex

Craig Brill says:

"We will find you like a liam neeson movie" Couldn't have said it better.

Mace Windu says:

all these ads make it hard to watch

Golden1_1Dragon says:

Casually does a backflip in disappointment…

CR daily says:

somone do a rodoy 5 for me?

Travis Escabi says:

The knuckle huck is so much better

Basical YT says:

I just want a Canadian to win

Canada Pride 🇨🇦🏂

Jason Michael says:

Caffeine is bad for kidneys. Drink more water. Hydrate or die.

Jakob Vikanes says:

Markus kleveland is nice

Jacob _ says:

Kyle Mack was wearing a supreme northface jacket

butt says:

wonder who sponsored this competition?

서서운상 says:

지린다 우리나라도 대회개최하면 좋을텐데

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