Official video of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games emblem (full length)

Official video of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games emblem (full length)

The emblem of the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games was unveiled at the National Aquatics Center.



MrTigerjake says:

I think China can not get many gold fr winter olympic

j. Baker says:

china can suck a nut. we should hold the atlas games.

XW Ah says:

It’s kinda funny. The olympics in Korea also used artificial snow.. nobody is complaining and when China directly tells the world people bash it. Like come on guys srssly?? And it does snow a little in china, it’s not like it’s in the desert or something

Tenzing wow says:


Mat tompel says:

Congrat's China

sleeping sugaaa says:

training my ass off in skiing


this olympic logo is perfict this represented the chinese character "winter" as well

陳Kai says:


陳Kai says:

What's the music?

Dakelus Low says:

I am so mesmerised by the lady at 0:20. Or is that a he? I cannot tell the gender but, the way the person glances and dances with beautiful dyed cloth made me dream of her/him in my sleep every night after I watched this.

SK Lee says:


RunQ Z says:


Nevermore says:

I don't think China is ready to open up to the world. Especially if Yuzuru Hanyu skates… there will be thousands of Winnie the Pooh bears. And he carries one routinely with him. Are they going to to tell thousands of tourists that they can't take their Winnie the Pooh bears in?

童瑶 says:

I think this emblem also looks like two Chines characters "冬" and "参" when we write the characters very quickly. "冬" means "winter“, and "参" means "join". So the emblem may also mean that join the Winter Olympic Game!

人生如洗就看演技 says:

真见识了不少老外的 高素质了

Nombirisan says:


naire millio says:

Fuck off China from all over the World

나라온 says:

I will enjoy next winter game.
Lets make noise for beijing 2022!

kenmograd2009 says:

Love that the logo is based on the hanzi for winter (冬).

Ingrid Alcazar says:

This is stunning, no more words.

Moonblaze 48 says:

I can’t wait I might go

Jake Thebest says:

China please please no cheating!!! Fair Play!! in 2022 game. I hope so.

Lisa K says:

As someone who comes from a wintersport country I really dislike this. I hope they can get more spectators than Korea though. It's a shame Europeans don't want the games anymore because of the money 🙁

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