Refrigerator Sledding

Refrigerator Sledding

Today was CRAZY fun, after deciding to cut open and see whats inside a fridge we decide to first have some fun and take it sledding!!

We were a bit nervous but it ended up being sooo awesome! oh and a couple police cars showed up, ha ha!
Then we cut open the refrigerator and were surprised by what was inside!



fromthawell says:

Looks super fun. Best day & Best wishes to you & yours.

Fruity Perez Family says:

First Shonduras vid I ever saw. Means I’ve been part of the vlamily for 3 years! It’s gone by quickly! Can’t believe how young Lincoln was.

Mandeep Dosanjh says:

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Mefoy3 says:

You should turn a fridge into a go kart

Whitney MacDonald says:

I came from what’s inside

Hailee's World says:

sub too me its called halieesworld and the channel pic is mine on this thingg for this pic so sub!

casey hess says:

Besides it's Shawn's old frige and they sled on/in it. So what can the cops do. Nothing.

Renee Jennerman says:

I love you Shawn Dan and Lincoln

Isaac Izaguirre says:

Happy New Year I'm Sorry I'm In 2018

Munira Alali says:


andreii vlogs says:


Nicole Eubanks says:

Why does sledding with a fridge look so much fun

Ty and Kyle The bikers says:

His blue and yellow tool is cald a chisel

lolz idk says:

Crazy seeing this video i used that train station to get to work iv decided im going to go sled that hill tomorrow

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