REI Trailheads: Learn How to Snowshoe

REI Trailheads: Learn How to Snowshoe

We took two friends, gave them two sets of snowshoes and let them loose. It’s part of our Trailheads series, where REI experts teach beginners how to have fun outside. This duo’s first time trying a new sport is full of funny missteps that we can all relate to. Watch the laughs and the lessons and then grab a pair and try it out yourself!



HW2800 says:

Why to much comedy and horse play in the video! Watch it for 39 seconds and gave thumb down!

Eric Rosbottom says:

Don’t eat the snow.

Rob Delimat says:

"And I lived through at least half of it." hahahaha

Bonnie Petterson says:

Is it just me or do these two have some awesome chemistry……

Steven Johnson says:

Gee, about the only thing I learned was putting the poles in an X pattern to help me push-up. Other than that… uhh

Swashbuckling Adventures says:

@ 2:46 she NAILED him! LOL! Always the short ones!

Colin Bryant says:

Was that snow/ source lake?

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