"Return of the Turn": Straight Skis

"Return of the Turn": Straight Skis

“New soft fat skis make skiing so easy. Skiing was so much more difficult and skillful on straight skis. I really had no choice but to put my money where my mouth was.” -Marcus Caston



Bob Conley says:

So glad for the variety of great skies on the market today verses my first year, 1960. Kept jumping on those wooden sticks from Montgomery Wards till I broke the tips off and convinced Mom I needed Head vectors like the cool kids had. Finally reached the super senior season pass rate! Looking forward to another season on the atomic metrons for the groomers and rossi soul 7's for softer snow. ( and if you can't carve on either, you need more lessons, or should go play golf!) No air anymore but technically still getting better! Great memories of my first really fat skis.. Volkl Explosiv.

dieter birk says:

I had the V20 in 205, the Fischer C4 in 207, and a Völkl Racetiger in 205 sking everywhere in the Alps during the 90ies working as an instructor. Great time, wonderful skis.But hey, there is an modern alternative on the market: Just got the original FIS approved Racetiger GS in 188. Straight and true:  Old school

Thomas King says:

I just bought some straight skis because I want to try them out, but I am unsure I have the proper length.. I am thinking they are a tad short. My normal skis are Nordica Hell and Back 186cm, and I am 6'1" and 205 lb… I found some Fischer Pro-Tech Carbons at 190 cm and in GREAT condition. Will I be able to get any use out of them, or did I waste $15?

Pierre-Marie LOMBARD says:

J'ai 59 ans, et je skie depuis l'âge de…9 ans, dont dix années d'encadrement du ski alpin. Aujourd'hui encore je skie des skis droits, des Dynamic VR27 World Cup, en 194cm. Sans aucun doute parmi les meilleurs skis jamais produits au monde. Bien qu'ils soient plus exigeants physiquement que les paraboliques, que je skie aussi, il procurent des sensations toutes différentes, et surtout, entretiennent une technique sans faille, impossible avec des paraboliques. Autrefois, les skieurs avaient tous un style différent, et une technique propre à chacun(e), et c'était un vrai régal, et une leçon, de voir skier tous ces bons, très bons, excellents skieurs et skieuses. À présent, c'est navrant. La plupart des skieurs et skieuses skient mal, sans véritable technique, et sans aucun style particulier. Pourquoi, parce que les paraboliques sont si faciles d'accès qu'ils ne requièrent aucune véritable technique, qui plus est obtenue en un temps très court. C'est pratique, ok, mais quoi de plus?… À mon humble avis: rien. Quant aux pistes, elles sont, aujourd'hui, bien souvent défoncées, et peu praticables dés la mi-journée, voir, parfois, dangereuses. Dommage, le ski est un sport merveilleux, qui mérite bien mieux que cela. Aussi, faites travailler les écoles de skis et moniteurs en tous genres, et ré-apprenez à skier, à skier vraiment.

TopSecretVid says:

I wish Blizzard would remake the V30 ATV

Zbynek Kolacek says:

There is nothing better then 180 + GS …

Ryan Kephart says:

My dad still shreds on his 1984 Volkl 197’s. His stoke is just as high as anyone on the hill!

Michael Brownlee says:

Such a great feeling to be able to ski on stiff 205s in control. Years of practice, lessons and conditioning. Skiiers use to cram into theaters to watch skilled daredevils in warren millers films.
The new skiis are like life. Its easy to be good.

Emmanuel Savage says:

Still have my 208cm Rossi 7X's, the 94 model….

Darren Kastl says:

Kastle 212's tried the short stuff…naw short skies are for showboats and rookies!

Thunderstruck says:

My brother used to have a pair of Kneissl White Star 210s.  It seemed you had to be going about 40 mph just to turn them, but they were awesome.

Julian Macedo says:

Taking my from-new 200cm Dynastar Verticals out and wearing my original Nevica fluorescent jacket during spring skiing, is one of the highlights of my season. Seriously fast groomed skiing. Bumps, powder… not so much!

Alan Roach says:

I'm still on my Rossi 9's, 205's (hot in 1996). I can't get the shaped skis to work for me.

Bojan Kalajdzic says:

I still miss my Thermo v20 skis. 205 just like the one in the video. Hard to ski but amazing power.

Igna D says:

I still have my Dynastar Course SL 1,96 cm. My last time was in 2003. I will try them again. Let’s see

c wiils says:

This just goes to show it’s not always the equipment, but the talent in the user! Yes!!!

Jonathan Bennett says:

I want some thermos

joel darby says:

Alta fuckin sucks!

Dan Blumel says:

Still have 223cm Kastle DH's and modern Fisher 215 DH's even now ski modern 198 Fisher GS skis.

Tom Innes says:

Love my Morotto Ultimates for telemarking in spring conditions. 50mm under foot. Lots of fun. Great video, thanks.

Jonathan Wallach says:

I stopped skiing in the 90s and just started again. I was a REALLY good skier and I was terrified the first day back that I would overdo it and kill myself. I didn't realize the new skis basically gave one magical powers on anything and everything you wanted to ski. When I hear people say that these skis are for carving and those skis are for powder, etc., try skiing on long chopsticks in powder like we used to. I'm not so sure if I would like skiing so much now if it weren't for the equipment making it easier for me, but I do notice there are a hell of a lot more decent skiers on the mountain the there used to be. I took a few lessons and my teacher exclaimed "wow, old school" after he watched me the first time. I've spent the last 4 months trying to update to not look like something found in a museum. I do notice the problem with going fast and straight. I thought it was me being old. LOL. Great video.

Ana Dumbrava says:

3:01 “notice you got a nice wide foot print here. Fifty millimeters wide.” Those ski are half the width of mine 😂 how are they skiing powder on that?

MG- ɹǝʍoʇ says:

I was of the first in my group to use shaped skis bach in the 90s', I never adopted the "wider stance" and found my poles, boots, and pants got allot more chewed up than on conventional long straight skis, I also found the shape ski to be extremely helpful in freestyle and glade steeps, and I didn't have to "push them" to make turns and suffer the occasional "renegade ski". They brought to the slopes what power steering and power brakes brought to the automobile. I never regretted the change from the first day onward, chopped off carbon fiber pole bottoms not withstanding, I learned to wrap the bottoms with solid copper wire and epoxy!

Frank Musico says:

16 years old, 210 Dynastars, double black diamond with bumps. 62 years old, 176 Rossies, groomed intermediate.

doublestrokeroll says:

You forgot the Sony Sports Walkman.

And isn't is Bliz-ZARD?

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