Revelstoke Mountain Sledding

Revelstoke Mountain Sledding

8 friends from Ontario make the yearly pilgrimage to Revelstoke to partake in the finest white powder sledding available.



Daisy Kuster says:

Daisy Custer Dustin Custer Amaris @😂🤣😍😥😒💯😤😍😙😗😚🍨🍰🤤😤😟👅💯

Daisy Kuster says:

Daisy Custer Dustin Custer Amaris

Dan Markley says:

What a great trip…thanks for sharing

Irony Bird says:

fuck canada

Jace Steward says:

Great video good editing

Sara Hinkle says:

The Yamaha rolled 18.5 times not 17.5 lol

Myotherhobbies says:

I need to ride one of these so badley even take a trip to rent one take a tour im a desert rat but need to ride one of these

Colby O'Keefe says:

So jealous !

Motodrew says:

Fun edit! Nice work! Looked like a great trip!

Danny Topping says:

Homer Simpson was there ?

NightTracker 14 says:

4:03 rip nuts

Tyson Boser says:

Tumble weed sucks bad

Surfer qci says:

Well done gentlemen. Sent it

Colin Mitchell says:

great video

Adam Dewar says:

I did that drive from ONtario all the way out west a few years back. Canada is so damn big.. We went all the way up to the yukon. Pretty decent drive.

SylfixPlayz says:

hey! you only live like 4
hrs from me XD

7daniel49 says:

Better entertainment than 509!

lifebeginsat190 says:

good times..

Syxxes Performance says:

Awesome riding conditions!

John Kuchera says:

Holy shit after seeing how far you drive for that good stuff I really feel thankful for where I live

Funny gone bad says:

who else lives in Revelstoke to snowmobile?

Bjerk 303 says:

love that video

sled master says:

do u guys think I could go there with my 2013 ski doo 800 summit X e-tec 146" with 3" lugs

Warren Geer says:

Are you for hire Tracey for editing? Myself and some buds are flying to Jackson Hole Wyoming next week.
For 3 days of pow riding.

Elliott Thiessen says:

Thats awesome you guys, looks like you had some great days! Too bad you have to drive so far!

Chad March says:

Pete has to get that ejection button fixed

2Wheels 4Life says:

but ya good video.

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