Scary Park Day Snowboarding In Australia

Scary Park Day Snowboarding In Australia

In this snowboard video we have our biggest day of snowboarding in Australia yet. The front park opened at Perisher which has three xl jump and an entire lane of xl rail features. I spent the day hitting the xl jump which were some of the largest I’ve ever done on my snowboard. TJ spent most of his day hitting the rail line and also getting some tricks down on the xl jumps. Overall this was our biggest day of snowboarding in Perisher, Australia.



Guy Fieri says:

Well, that’s Jindabyne if I’ve ever seen it. I wanna see you eat an entire jar of vegemite

The Friendzone says:

3:32 That slow-mo shot looked sick!

Ben Nathan says:

Perished is my favorite resort In the world!

Alec Shrad says:

4:35 not the safest place for a kid to be just laying. I thought the camera guy flattened him lol

Seb Cleary says:

How nice are sandbox helmets 🤩

Evan O'Shea says:

How are you guys able to snow so much? Is it through YouTube revenue?

Michael Partridge says:

Missed you guys by a week, broke collarbone on day 2, on the upside it’s spring so have 9 months to heal. Will you guys be back in Oz next year?

Yo Greco says:

Tj is like super mario on a snowboard

PEDER says:

Same boardslide every rail

Casey Willax says:

yewww! Love it boys!!!

Black Cloud says:

Definitely gonna start progressing jumps this seasons

David Lee says:

Always love watching tj throw down the tricks

Spaztick10 says:

Can he do a back rodeo without reverting to a 7 like I'm 14 and I can back rodeo and hit all front valley jumps.

Patrik Palasti says:

3:31 how sick is that shot tho

Deven Clark says:

wow the zilzies are fuckin fireeeeee

Bennett Balogh says:

That’s sick I was just there! Wish I saw you guys. Did you cheack out lichart?

Simple Kicks says:

Awesome vid

Osvaldo says:

Super dope video mates!

Blaine Griffin says:

3:15 this shot!

Joel Scerri says:

This is gnarly ! Iv been watching this channel all season and riding at Perisher , and then you guys upload a video from the building next door to me . Haha crazy! How beautiful is Jindabyne

Ivon Sánchez says:

It's very funny and I enjoy a lot these type of snowboard videos were I David appears on camera!! hahaha! And great video 🙂 Here in Spain people start to get excited about the winter season to come, especially now in autumn!!

Mike P says:

This is terrible, I was 8 throwing down harder tricks

Kai says:

It’s not cheese if it’s vegan

WhiteBoyCanGame says:

hey man are you still in perisher? got here yesterday!

NC Mai says:

Was there in last month…perisher and thredbo for life!

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