SEE YOU IN BEIJING IN 2022 | Winter Olympic 2018

SEE YOU IN BEIJING IN 2022 | Winter Olympic 2018


primerio says:

Did you notice that the world globe image included all the continents except North America? 5:38

轮子狗滚出中华人民共和国!狗汉奸 says:


春-秋 says:


Tenzing wow says:

Free Tibet

78tamino says:


Hydra Star says:

It's marvelous how did they put a cameo of the 2008 Summer Olympics: The song of the Flag at the Opening Ceremony (that hymn sung by a small girl when the Chinese nations carried the flag before the Chinese anthem).

78tamino says:

Zhonghuoi 🇨🇳

Wang Dejun says:

Forget about this ! This Video is PhotoShopped ! (keep low from china

gawng su says:


歐陽虹 says:

Disgusting korean

Tenzing wow says:

I love Tibet
Not China
Free Tibet
Free Tibet
Free Tibet
Free Tibet

TCF - The Ultimate Whovian says:

Well that was a boring projector show with spinning TV’s…

G Money says:

Omg, this was the worst flag hand over show for China. What happened to the history. Fucking China stick to the HISTORY!!!!

ikey key says:

china dominated another world games like ASIAN GAMES coming soon

liu cocofan says:

有点像春晚 有点土 特别音乐制作的过时了

かいどう沿い says:


bgfgbbn gggfgh says:


talin nalo says:


God Japan says:

japan is better

zgdy zg says:

It is recommended that South Korea will apply for the "Korean Sports Spirit" as soon as possible and take the championship of the universe.

zgdy zg says:

Disgusting Korean sportsmanship, disgusting referee, I suggest that the safety of future athletes will directly let Koreans get first, or we can get together at the moment of departure, athletes from all countries will get the Korean team out first, otherwise we Never get fair and just

게이 says:


epicrapfan73 says:

After Beijing 2022, Milan-Cortina d'Ampezzo 2026!

Santtu12 says:

Beijing 2022. Olympics again in 3rd world dictatorship. Well done. Thank God 2024, (likely 2026) and 2028 are in civilized countries.

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