Skiers Tame Alaska’s ‘Magic Kingdom’ – Extreme Skiing Video | The New York Times

Skiers Tame Alaska’s ‘Magic Kingdom’ – Extreme Skiing Video | The New York Times

In this first episode of Behind the Line, Ian McIntosh and Sage Cattabriga-Alosa make first descents in the Neacola Mountains of Alaska.



Julene Eayrs says:

Stupidity at its finest.

Ferdzor says:

One of those clips that make you realize how boring life you have. These guys truly live to the fullest.

Max Evans-Schmid says:

Huh that’s not that impressive. I can ski from the magic carpet and only fall once.

Adonis Top of Men says:

cool …….

The Bessie Nessie says:

Meanwhile here's me scared of a red slope ;')

Melissa Gray says:

That would be a triple black diamond

yooser naime says:

Choppered in? Weak.

The Most Interesting Man On Youtube says:

This is more like Winter Base jumping since that mountain side is almost vertical

To S says:

And I was screaming on green route. Wow

Matt's Moving Picturezz says:

isnt that called falling?

Will Y says:

Imagine u hit a crevasse.

Keoki Johnston says:

Yeah that double black scared me enough thanks

Senja Aldee says:

so pretty and lovely video.. the helicopter the snow the expereicen.. so great brother dunne

paul mitchell says:

How much carbon is that chopper burning?

Christopher Zielinski says:

Skiing good, use of language under all critic, why must all these kind of persons sound like idiots?

OnceUponADream says:

2:24 faints

Hans Dampf says:

Get out of here helicopter skiers, disgusting.

J PR says:

Cool video but would be better if there was a guide/captions, to explain all of their slang terms

Steven Md says:

Helicopter skiing ⛷? Who’s been? Dang!!!!!! Mercy..

quillaja says:

They didn't ski from the top though. =)

Сергей UB8AAQ says:

Нормальный псих!

Arjrpz Work says:

Nectar lol.

Grinko NM says:

4:30 i think, he looks like a younger Ken Block of the skiing sport 😀

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