Skiing the Dreaded Tunnel Run in 5 mins!! | Alpe d’Huez 2019 4K

Skiing the Dreaded Tunnel Run in 5 mins!! | Alpe d’Huez 2019 4K

The tunnel run in Alpe D’Huez – one of the most difficult ski runs in the Alpes in 5 mins.

The run was in a difficult condition at the top this morning – watch my other video if you want to see me crash out.



John W Gibson says:

Your a hack, take a lesson

John W Gibson says:

Shit conditions

John W Gibson says:

Lame . come to Mammoth Mnt ,

Rob Hand says:

Doesn't look that hard. Just icy.

MrHogzor says:

dude. this game has some sick graphics

Xan Ax says:

I’m 22 and never even left my hometown. I’ve never seen a mountain or an ocean.

LowKlassIntelekt says:

why's it dreaded? cuz you're skiing uphill?

Tony Helmick says:

Awesome video and run! Have you been able to ski that in powder? The conditions look less than great on this day. Check out my videos and subscribe if you like.


Imagine if the video was just him tripping on something and rolling down the hill for 5minutes

Vincent Cramer says:

Wait how did the snow get in the tunnel?

Ben Garlinghouse says:

You think that's bad? Go to whiteface mountain in Lake Placid, NY

Carlovfx says:

Anxiety is killing me just by watching the tunnel part…

Felix S says:

Which go pro?

j Scott Hanes says:

Yeah, it sounds a little "crusty", but the tunnel POV was cool and Yes Sir you do have skills. Fresh Tracks! 😉

Neil Cassey says:

Dreaded? I've played on snooker tables with a steeper slope.

Mr Tibbs says:

Very nice brother you found Bruce Jenner's large vagina and made it through. Very nice good job.

rockets4kids says:

So crunchy!

mike midge says:

The only bad thing about this run, other than the snow, is how many times you have to use your poles!

Diego Massey says:

Being a snowboarder, this sounds like hell. I have so much more respect for skiers

This Is Google says:

Is that supposed to be fun?

vallejo ca says:

Skiing is for women snowboarding is for men

Zany Zebra 325 says:

I am utterly terrified to ski. So why am I watching this? No idea.

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