Gamer 420_69 says:

That looks like so much fun

FREΛK - NӨӨB says:

Jesse at 1:58 hahahahah

Holly Griffith says:

This is the stuff I miss most about them

King Kameron says:

We live in Metairie

King Kameron says:

That looks so fun to slide down stairs with snow

ArtGeek SG says:

2:04 Sliding in the dm's be like.

Veronica Boutin says:

i hate winter so bad i really love in philly when jesse sad to me for the vlog time

A1 Spike says:

This was awesome

Addy K. says:

I love how everyone there made friends so easy!

Bryan Sarmiento says:

doesn't watching them together make you happy or emotional?

Bryan Sarmiento says:

anyone watching this in 2018 rn like so i can know how many ppl watching

Jhayda-Lynn Gagnon says:

This vid still doesn’t even have 300,000 likes yet lmfao

Bea Nicole Cervera says:

did you see the person slip? its at 2:38 its on the right

juan lima says:

I miss these vlogs😭😭

saniya vahora says:

It is way way way over 500,000

Ronald says:

How big are plastic storage container lids? Can they fit an adult sitting flat on the lid? I want to try making a sled lol

Salud Alvarez says:

I miss these types of Vlogs

Mo says:

4:09 is my favourite! !😅😂😂

Bristaff XOX 030 says:

There's 1million views and only 220 liked it

Nae Nae says:

is it only me that reads the comments while watching the video

Demon Dog 666 says:

2:03 listen to jesse

Albert de Nooijer says:

It still doesn't have 500K likes

Melissa Mitchell says:

Im the guy with the laundry basket x)

Brandon Phung says:

this looks sooooo litt

Lochy2012 Marie says:

anyone else here to watch their old videos and watch them when they were happy together

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