Sledding with Miniatures Feb 2015

Sledding with Miniatures Feb 2015

Miniature horses want to sled with the grandbabies. So much fun!
Our first snow storm of 2015 brought enough snow to sleigh ride so we borrowed their pasture for few good hills. They were not going to be left out of the fun. Our miniature horses are double registered AMHA/AMHR and bred from Nationally recognized champion bloodlines. The minis in this video are yearlings (2014 foals). White Tail Farm Miniature Horses is located in Maryland, USA



GoPro Cowgirl says:

That is so cute!!

WhiteTailMinis says:

Nice to see my babies making the rounds again a year later. Thanks for all this nice compliments. So glad to its being enjoyed. Expecting our first real snow this weekend so perhaps we'll get another video on these same hills with different minis

Tracy McCarthy says:

Laughing my sox off! I love how one doubles back at about 1:05. like. 'R U OK? I'm here for you!'

SpiritFairRider says:

that looks like a lot of fun my 3 year old TWH did that today when I went sledding

WhiteTailMinis says:

Thank you EVERYONE for all the wonderful kind compliments.  So glad you enjoyed.  I must apologize for my horrible laughter – although genuine – should have muted I suppose. LOL  We had a ton of fun that day and I was totally blown away how viral it went 🙂

WhiteTailMinis says:

EastCoast Ponylover yes looks very similar.  Pretty

EastCoast PonyLover says:

My Mini looks like the one running beside the sled bucking XD (he does that too)

Marilyn Erb says:

I LOVE this video, and find myself watching it over and over again….and it always makes me SMILE…..very nice White Tail Miniature Horses!!!!  xox 🙂

WhiteTailMinis says:

Thank you all so much – so excited you enjoyed it.  We had so much fun and I laughed so hard. LOL  I took 2 other videos also – I may post them as well

kukrae says:

I think this is the most adorable video I have ever seen! What a wonderful way for your children to grow up!! (both human & equine!!). Thank you so much for posting this on YT so I can share w/my Mom!! What a beautiful crop of foals!!!

Kim Shifflett says:

Love it!!  So cute!!

Lori Rober says:

I so much enjoyed this Winter video with your Gorgeous Miniature foals!

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