Snowbird, Utah April 7, 2010 – Powder Ski & Snowboard

Snowbird, Utah April 7, 2010 – Powder Ski & Snowboard

97″ inches of new snow in eight days… IN APRIL!



Kshapo says:

poor music choice.

Kshapo says:

good keep your butt in tahoe.

BirdBoarder7 says:

Ha I used to be like that until last year or the year before then i just caught on and it gets easier from that point

BirdBoarder7 says:

I snowboard but I only ride big mountain for the most part not any park.

BirdBoarder7 says:

No but I want to go sometime to try it out.

BirdBoarder7 says:

Snowbird is hardly ever slushy as you can see in the video!

yanbuchi says:

I'm swiss and i know my snow material! Utah defintively has the best snow on earth!

endlesswinter says:

@flooberg Brighton is a smaller hill and less challenging.

endlesswinter says:

@agenthelios1 Slushy? Utah has THE lowest moisture content in their snow anywhere in the world.

niclmw39 says:

Utah truly does have the greatest snow on earth!

Kassidy Hill says:

@agenthelios1 You dont know Slushy Until you've been to NC…

powder413 says:

Id do snowbird, but im a skier, from what i saw at brighton, there are tons of natural quarters there, which my boarder buddies loved.

powder413 says:

@agenthelios1 Sierra cement vs. the cold smoke … c'mon really?

Carlos says:

hey i got a question im an intermediate boarder started last year but caught on fast should i get a pass to snowbird or to brighton. dunno which one to choose from

s1ntax says:

@snowbirdskiresort let him stay in tahoe. more good snow for the rest of us ^_^

Santaslayer200 says:

@DrayneGames how do you think i feel i live in NC

snowmister2 says:

Nice bro, Snowbird is so fucxking epic i'll never forget it. When I went, I would go down a run, go to the top, go down the same run and my tracks would be gone because it had snowed that much inbetween the time when I went down the run and got back up. HOLY SHIT:D

Snowbird says:

@agenthelios1 The snow doesn't look very slushy in this video. In April.

sickbird123 says:

@DrayneGames Tahoes been dumped on in april as well

Tim Burdick says:

that was sick,, was shooting cirque, sth(remember seeing you guys come down!!) and knuckle head, all fresh all sick! nice shots, invite me next time guys! the timelapse at the beginning was insane..

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