Snowboarding with the GoPro 8! – (Season 4, Day 51)

Snowboarding with the GoPro 8! – (Season 4, Day 51)

I love how good the GoPro Hero 8 is for filming snowboarding. This Snowboard Vlog was all shot on the hero 8 and it came out looking amazing. I color on the gopro hero 8 comes out a lot while you are snowboarding and the much needed mic improvement is amazing. For me snowboarding and gopro go hand in hand and Gopro killed it with the Gopro hero 8 other than the battier and issues with the cold lol



Torres PubgMobile says:

Them goggles look sick bro 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Brad G says:

Dude your riding has improved so much this year already ! Congrats!

ellstacker adventures says:

You didn't put the card in for the comparison video

ellstacker adventures says:

Super cool to see the new camera back in action

Mr Perry Vlogs says:

Bro iv already put more days on snow this year than last being an instructor….unfortunately they told me I can’t film while I’m on clock

Johnny Snipes says:

I dont think I've ever seen Tommie throw a method before

SidiNic says:

This vid looked more real, like i was there with u guys. Less cinematic i think but i like it Very much. What settings did u use, cause i think u didnt use the boost stabilisation but the high one.

sierranevadaCAfoothiller says:

shout out ltt

Golem YT says:

Oh yeah Jonathan!

skwid11 says:

I love your content. Just a suggestion Can you mention what resort you’re at in the description? I know you probably do at some point in the video but I like to have that context. Keep killing the game!!!! Much love

Jeff Brown says:

Honestly actually tell the difference unless watching side-by-side to a Gamble. Hero8 stabilization is that good.

Stephen Mendoza says:

Poetry in motion on the snow

djdramatical says:

Still a lot of snow on them trees. Hopefully wind will blow some to put down a lil cush. Heard they opened T bar.

Austin B says:

I can’t tell that much of a difference video stability wise on the hero 8 or 7 with the gimbal but the audio on the 8 is soooo much better

NatInTheHat8 says:

are we not gonna talk about the dude at 9:22 with the motorcycle helmet and the snowskate/monoski thing??

jasonsong86 says:

Didn't know Tommie watches Linus.

jasonsong86 says:

Is it me or the video is a little compressed on the hero 8? I mean the stabilization is very nice but the image quality is a little low.

VisaVain says:

On the hero 8, what settings were you using for filming, and for the follow cams, out of curiosity?

-kingyonglu - says:

You're such a sick duo

Wills Ohrnberger says:

LOL tommie name dropping linus tech tips lol

Dancing with the Fish says:

Great vid 🏂

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