Snowshoeing – The Beginners Guide

Snowshoeing – The Beginners Guide

Snowshoeing – You Can Do It Too! This short video is designed to provide you a glimpse of snowshoeing and how easy it is! This is a great winter activity for the entire family. Get your kids outdoors and always…”Keep it Real!”



NikkiFIT and COACH says:

Thank You so much for making this video! Truly priceless info!

Nawras Al-Abbas says:

I watched about 300 clips for beginners. This is the only one that was really truly made for beginners. Many thanks.

B Mont says:

Excellent video dude.

Melissa Richards says:

Aww such cute kids! Im so excited to try this with my girls nowšŸ˜€

justin stevens says:

Great video and more parents need to get their kids out to enjoy nature and its beauty.

Lea Castro says:

Great info. Lovely example. The world needs more dads like you. A+

Sherice Potter says:

really enjoyed this video.. it made me want to come snowshoeing with you and your adorable kids!!

seattwa says:

Wow, that's a lot of clothing! I live in NE Pennsylvania, and all I ever wear is a vest lol! -200C? That's about -320Ā° F! Where were you, on Pluto lol! Thank you for the reply and info! I'm doing some research on snow shoes right now. Man, so much And so many, Who'da thunk it! Cool story about your grandfather's snow shoes, a precious possession no doubt. Thanks again! And more happy snow trekking!

seattwa says:

What type of clothing are you wearing? Like ski clothes?

Back_Country_ Adventures says:

that homemade wanderlust theme song /intro .

Fun Adventures says:

can you guys help me and adventure team reach 100 subs.

yanksguy23 says:

Great dad, adorable kids and dog.

MusiceWoman says:

Thank you, helpful information. You are a good dad.

Jamal Khalid says:

Excellent video sir! You're keeping' it real!

Caleb Jones says:

Are you a firefighter?

candyapu3 says:

When buying snowshoes, for what weight range to buy for do you do your personal weight or that of you and a backpack?

Stephen McCann says:

I am a cancer survivor.Someone I know had suggested that i take up snowshoeing to get light exercise over the long winter here in New Hampshire. …I am not sure where to begin with all the manufacturers on the market.I prefer quality and longevity in my selection.any suggestions

Janah says:

so im 140 kilos and my backpack 20 kilos , what snowshoes on the market takes the most weight ?

MisterTMH says:

I useĀ  skiĀ  polesĀ  orĀ  trekkingĀ  poles withĀ Ā  snow basketsĀ  forĀ  betterĀ  balance andĀ  locomotionĀ  with the snow shoes.

MikeAnnarose says:

You are an awesome dad. My dad also taught me to love the outdoors (although it's incredibly hot in Texas). I have grown to love the cold and snow. I hope to live somewhere one day where I can take my kids snowshoeing.

Randy Cain says:

Very nice!! Thanks for sharing this!! And Merry Christmas šŸ˜‰

Chuck Holton says:

Nicely done

realtick says:

Great video.

Pablo Londono says:

great video. I just went snowshoeing for a little bit in Chicago for the first time . I found out there's lot to learn when it comes to it. Im hoping the snow keeps coming down so i can go and practice more. Have a great and safe winter !!

Nikola dermendzhiev says:

Thanks for sharing guys keeping it real that's right …. Be safe out there folks

Reseiver says:

Great video! Great parent!

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