Snowshoeing to camp

Snowshoeing to camp

Beautiful morning snowshoeing into camp. Approximately 1 click in.



Jake Dunning says:

Look at that young, smiling face….not yet burdened by the problems which arise in your life as you get into your late 20's / early 30's….lol. At least u had fun..

☭ FreedomVanguard☭ says:

shit im a a1c who just got done with sv80 in the snow too i didnt know you did that wow

Robert Gregory says:

What a nerd

Jeff Glenn says:

So others may live

ChrisYaBish says:

I swore he was gonna be a 1st lt in the marines but nah a e3 airman

D. Alex Oprea says:

Car broke down? I hate it when that happens.

William Flynn says:

I am Tenacious with a capital "T" I know someone fell down or did something funny during this training. Bloopers will come to light!

Midwest Troubleshooters says:

Holy Shit! That smile reminds me of "overly attached girlfriend"

David DeVito says:

Why’re you the only one wearing your PC?

irrops says:

That there, that there is what you call a shit-eating-grin if I’ve ever seen one.

Toby says:

That moment where you realise you’re wearing Air force ACU

Henry Wes says:

I could tell he was Air Force, notice he can spell and pronounce multi syllable words.

Conor Neely says:

This is what SERE looks like?

Sam Warren says:

Definitely did not think you were in the Air Force

Daniel says:

LOLz your chairforce ranger team look like they are struggling! You seem to enjoy it…. How many pounds/miles??

Combat Terror says:

I hate you so much  🙂

Guam .Guy says:

Back to the beach I go. This video made me too cold.

Overwatch says:


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