Snowshoeing Tumalo Mountain

Snowshoeing Tumalo Mountain

On April 9, 2018 (my second full day of living in Bend, Oregon) I decided to take advantage of the nice sunny day and I headed out to Dutchman Flat sno-park to snowshoe up Tumalo Mountain, a hike that I have done in the summer before.

Tumalo Mountain offers amazing views of Mt. Bachelor, Broken Top and the Three Sisters and from the very top you can even see Mt. Thielsen on a clear day. This particular day it was very warm and hazy so the snow was in poor condition.



Marvin Williford says:

Nice views from up there. That's a lot of elevation gain for that low mileage. Yes, be safe out there, we want to see more of your videos. I think you are back in Eugene now. What's Matt talking about there, he's looking for Bigfoot?

John Eason says:

Also, very WISE advice for snow travel!!!

John Eason says:

Wow, I hiked there out of Bend in June 2018. No snow, but the waterfall was gorgeous!!!

Brian Miller says:

Beautiful trip, done nicely done video. Huh, I didn't realize skiers smoothing out the trail makes it slippery for snowshoers (especially with traction plates under the feet). However I skied a Lot more than snowshoeing. I liked an unbroken ski track to get traction when ascending and smooth fast glide on flats and easy descents. Following in a snowshoe track was as hard or harder than breaking trail so I avoided them even when skinned up. Best (and courteous) for each to stick to their own trail. I tried to find untracked snow for telemarking downhill.

Graham Ambridge says:

Great vid. Lovely views. Spider crampons? Off to the Lake District (England) tomorrow…. ticking off the 214 “Wainwright” mountains. 114 down…100 to go. Happy trails.

Michael Farmer says:

I got out of breath just watching! 😁 It is beautiful and looks like a nice day! I'm with you on the skiing I like tubing in the snow though!

Halffastcyclist says:

Spiders are cold "blooded" and therefore don't "feel" cold but become less active at lower temperatures. When temperatures drop too low, they become dormant. Some that can remain active at low temperatures have chemicals in their bodies to prevent them from freezing. As for food, less activity means lower energy demand so they can get along on less. Some sources say spiders in winter like to eat springtails (Collembola) that are active on the surface of the snow in winter.
Here's a link to more photos and comments on spiders on snow

CaboRico 06 says:

Kudos on your wise decision not to push further without a partner. Besides, your video with the views of Bachelor, Broken Top is amazing. And I gotta say… that winter wonderland wilderness. looks amazing! Great video!

As the Magpie Flies says:

Awesome video!! Loved your commentary throughout the video, it made me feel like I was going with you 😊

Zeke Urrabazo says:

Winter spiders? 🤔

Matt.Cook.Oregon says:

Good capture. Nice mountain views.

Robert Crain says:

Tumalo Mt is where the local trail fitness people hike to stay in shape. Many make it up in less than hour.

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