Snowshoeing – Very Cold Winter Overnight

Snowshoeing – Very Cold Winter Overnight

Cold trip with snowshoes to Svansele, Sweden. Sleeping in the hay in -27°C. Music by Erik.



jl a says:

Hey, do you ever have problems with sparks from the fire burning holes in your ripstop nylon coat? Also, why do you not use a multi-fuel liquid gas stove in cold weather?

Dairen Ili says:

Everything is perfect!😍😁

Hidayatullah Al Iqram says:


paul cisne says:

You can tell how cold it is by how the snow sounds. Good stuff


👍🏻👍🏻👋🏻👋🏻 …… really beautiful shooting and editing

Jakub Višňa says:

What is the trade mark of the sleeping bag you use such cold nights? Thx

Johan Holmberg says:

vad är det för överdrag på sovsäcken?

Bjørn Erik Bjørnå says:

Veldig fine skildringer og videoer! . Bjørn , Oslo

jl a says:

How do snow shoes compare to skis? Which do you prefer when winter camping? How many Hilleberg tents to you own? If you could have only one which would you choose?

kvnmcinturff1 says:

It looks like those cabins could use some better insulation. 😉

Aiorix VG says:

Another great video to enjoy my lunch break. Thanks for your work!

Skawusch says:

Holymoly 😀 i love your Content Erik. I am from Germany. From a big Citylife… I love Traveling. A few days ago i stubled over your CHannel and now i am feeling bad for beeing this shitty wannabee influencer on Instagram ! Your content reminds me why i love Nature and beeing out there. It reminds me of where i am from. You changed my tghout process. I am sooo thankfull !
( sorry for my bad english )
Please keep up this work !
I love every singel Video from you !!

joze k says:

Driving a Saab, respect!

Gaurav Oberoi says:

How do you manage to stay away from areas where there are wolves or foxes or wolvorines?

กัน กัน says:


It's Good in the Woods says:

Just found your channel !! Great video !!! BBBRRRRRRRR!!!!!

Fritz D says:

Beautiful, Erik! One of your best, and that's saying something. I love the colors and stars at dusk, not to mention your fire. Wonderful.

Anthony G says:

Love what you're doing here. So simple, peaceful and picturesque.

Tangkwa Patcharee says:


David B. says:

I love all your videos – I can't get enough – thanks

Petter ! says:

Viking eller Vekling 👍🏻

Scott Higgins says:

Just watched again. One of the very best you've done. Fantastic work! Thanks!

刘军伟 says:


Subiendocuestas says:

Cafe por la mañana 👍 😉

Lancelot Xavier says:

The video would have been much more pleasant had you made the effort to yep yep yep, blasted rap or Latin music and reviewed some rambo style knife.
Clearly, 9 others felt the way I did.

Sheila Outside & Travel !! says:

I came because it's Snow Camping… I stay because your videotography Is breathtaking.. Thank You so much for sharing❤️

Patrick L. says:

Reminds me of my Fjällräven Polar experience back in 2016

Ronald Rose says:

Hello Erik, thank you again for another award winning video. The video scene filmed in the evening that captured the campfire, the trees and the glitter of the stars was truly spectacular. I really appreciate the beauty of nature that is captured in your videos. The very best to you. 🤗

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