Snowshoeing Washington – Source Lake

Snowshoeing Washington – Source Lake

Jen and I wanted to try out snowshoeing for the first time, so we set off for a rather easy trail (source lake) in the Snoqualmie Pass.



Craig Apelbaum says:

Walking in a winter wonder land.

Explorer Mike says:

Wow, very cool and beautiful! Thanks for uploading this vid!

crackorean says:

What backpacks are you all using?

Scott T says:

Are you guys on Instagram?

David Rodriguez says:

hahah like the snowball song*

Erick Illg says:

I hope you guys do more snowshoeing but I just want to say please be more prepared then you were on this trip. You should carry a couple different layers with you because you never know what it's going to do out in the elements when it comes to snow in bad weather.. Also if you have a GPS or carry yourself own Smart phone when you're hiking download some type of trail app to keep you on trail. I absolutely love snowshoeing but I've been in a few situations when I wasn't prepared that's why am saying this. Also the area that you were in is prone for avalanches. And they happen a lot there so please be careful when hiking in the snow in that area always do a snow check to see what the conditions are like. And what I mean by that is dig a section in the snow and check your snow layers. If you want to try that hike another time you can start out at the top parking lot from the Alpine tall ski area walk past the water tower and follow the groomed trail almost all the way to the waterfalls.

Metalman says:

Source lake trail is better in the sun…

Wandering Sole Images says:

I love snowshoeing! Are you planning on more?

TheHumangus says:

Looks good!

Aaron Drake says:

Nice one guys.  The amazing PNW snow season continues.  Looked and sounded like it was nicely consolidated.  -KK

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