Urban Snowmobiling in Saint Paul

Urban Snowmobiling in Saint Paul

Some people see the world as a playground, where anything and everything can and will be a shreddable obstacle. As a kid growing up in Minnesota, Levi LaVallee looked at his state’s capital Saint Paul like a ripe fruit, begging to be plucked…and ripped to shreds on his snowmobile. A land of opportunity that only he could see, it was his mission to take that city over on his trusty sled. Now, he’s done it.

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Ryan Egan says:

How does a snowmobile even do that! I did not think that was possible

levipicard says:

666th comment

David Martin says:

Here drink this flavored herbal meth kids and have fun. Redbull don't even take time to say never do these tricks at home kids 😆

Aidan McFadyen says:

Narrator:"well screw that"
Shoots entire video by the books and completely legally through so called "lines" lmaoooo

Jonny T says:

Can you imagine doing a bank robbery like this! That would be so sick!

brandon hall says:

Dont tempt me

Leslie Barth says:

After all that rad riding…gets pulled over for obscured license plate on van.

Robbie Trask says:

I have seen this, brother showed me t to me. Still entertaining now

Tokin says:

I thought those skies would tear up pavement cause a long time ago I remember someone telling me that theres a diamond like substance on them or something like that so it's not good for the pavement (this was like 20 years ago and I know nothing about them lol)

Chase Knutson says:

He’s my uncle

Christian Farrington says:

This is impressive! Let's get a part two, but have it be his get away vehicle for a bank heist!

matt sieg says:

veermmmmmm. so annoying. this may be the dumbest video on youtube

SandL Productions says:


Scotty Fisher says:

Organ donor !!!

XxSpeedGamerxX says:

I've watched it at least 10 times and still watch it over and over

Samu says:

What IS snowmobile

Dave C. says:

With that little snow, an atv would have made more sense.

nickel Braun says:

Other than the backflips this is just a regular day in Minnesota.

jannis joplin says:

They paid big bucks to get the permits for all of this. Well done.

01 says:

Midwest is getting a blizzard as we speak, awfully tempting to do this in my hometown. 🤔

Beauty Princess VLOGS says:

I loved👏💞

Max Delforge says:

That’s my cousin

Canada! Place 2 be!! says:

This is professionally a good rip. So young.

Mike Skidmore says:

How much did they have to Bribe the City and the Police to do this ?

AnyDay Vlogs says:

2 of the cboys both have that sled

dustbustr91 says:

confirms if you pay enough money you can get away with anything

Daddy Mayonnaise says:

Damn I missed it I live an hour away

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